A New Secure Image Steganography Using Lsb And Spiht Based Compression Method

Abstract Steganography is nothing but the covered writing or secret writing. It is the science of secret communication. steganography is used to hide the survival of the message from unauthorized party. Images are the basic forms of transmitting information in the visual format. With the help of Image encryption methods any particular set of images can be transmitted without worrying about security. In this paper a very simple and real time algorithm which is used for the encryption of the images. In the proposed paper the message image is compressed by using the SPIHT method of lossless compression and then it is encoded in to the other image. Image contains a combination of RGB layers. If we consider a pixel as an 8 bit value than each pixel has the value in the range of 0 to 255. This algorithm compress the secret message image by SPIHT and convert in to a binary sequence, divides the binary sequence in to a blocks, change the order of block using a key-based randomly generated permutation, concatenates the permuted blocks can be changed in to a permuted binary sequence, and then utilizes the Least-Significant-Bit (LSB) approach to embed the permuted binary sequence into image. After the completion of the pixel value changing all the images is placed in a sequential manner. In the decoding side the message image is decoded and decompressed so that we can get the message image.

Keywords Steganography, SPHIT, LSB, Wavelet transform, Data hiding.

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