A Survey on Continous Health Care System Using (W)

Abstract Wireless network technologies have realize new opportunities from wireless body area network (WBAN) for continuous remote monitoring patient’s vital signals in the hospital and remote health care environment. Monitoring patient glucose level use of WBAN. Sensors node is capable of sensing and processing the vital signals as well as communicating to the remote monitoring system. Patient diabetes signals transfer to the hospital server and the doctors system to communicate continuously. Glucose monitoring is an integral part of diabetes management, and the maintenance of physiological blood glucose concentration is the only way for diabetic patients to avoid the life-threatening diabetic complications. Continuous glucose monitoring provides maximal information about the shifting of blood glucose levels throughout the day and facilitates the making of optimal treatment decision for a diabetic patient. This report discusses continuous glucose monitoring in terms of its purpose technology target pop elations, accuracy, clinical indications, outcomes, and problems. Personal Digital Assistant or smart phone can be used as PD. Based on the existing architecture mentioned above, we propose design concept for virtual doctor server (VDS) to support various patient health care services. VDS will keep the historical data about the patient to generate the daily tips and advice for him, call the doctor or emergency squad if required it can provide first aid assistance instructions on patient or any of his close relative’s PDA’s.

Keywords Wireless Body Area Network, personal digital assistant, virtual doctor server.

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