Abundance Plankton and Analysis Stomach Content and Trophic Level in Makassar Strait at East Season

Abstract The research aims to know the condition of environmental parameters both from biological factors and physical factors of the Makassar Strait during the East season. The usability of the research ie can be to build and simulate dynamic models of fisheries systems. Data Collection has been carried since May 2019 to November 2019. Data collection on environmental parameters (temperature, salinity, pH, dissolved oxygen, flow velocity) and nutrients (nitrates and phosphates), phytoplankton and zooplankton abundance, , and gastric contents analysis were carried out, Method for analysing was used analysis of variance (ANOVA) to compare environmental parameters, nutrients and abundance of plankton between the three districts observed. The relationship between the abundance of plankton with environmental parameters was analyzed by using multiple linear regression analysis. Determination of trophic level is based on analysis of gastric contents using the TrophLab 2K program. Results of analysis of variance (ANOVA) between observation stations grouped in 6 months of observation showed that salinity was significantly different between locations and months of observation, temperature and pH were significantly different between months but did not differ according to location of observation, whereas DO levels did not show differences either between locations. The results of identification of phytoplankton types obtained during this research were dominated by diatoms. The type of zooplankton obtained is generally dominated by copepods. The result of gastric surgery is 10 dominant and economically valuable fish’s species belonging to planktivor, omnivor and carnivor fish, and based on ecosystems including pelagic and demersal fish.

Keywords— Abundance Plankton, phitoplankton, zooplankton, gastric contents, Makassar Strait.

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Agriculture Journal: Abundance Plankton and Analysis Stomach Content and Trophic Level in Makassar Strait at East Season

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