Assessing Constituents and Efficiency of Neem Seeds Powder (Azadirachtaindica A. Juss) modifying Soil physical and Chemical Properties

Abstract— Neem is an indigenous tree spreading over some tropical arid climatic area. The trees are carrying fruits containing seeds. The importance of this study is to identify the benefits gained from Neem seeds powder being applied as soil conditioner. The objective is to estimate the inherent chemical components of Neem powder and eventually assess its potential on decreasing soil pH values and salinity levels. Soil samples were collected from College of Agricultural Studies, Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST). A total of 6 kilogram soil was taken at a depth of 0-30cm from the soil surface, dried and grinded to pass 2mm sieve, divided equally into 4 groups each of 1.5Kg (equivalent to 1500mg). The soil samples were analyzed to determine their chemical and physical properties. Neem seeds were obtained from Department of Integrated Pest Management that belongs to the Institution of ENRDRI. Neem seeds are dried, grinded and kept under room temperature, further used for determine their physical and chemical properties. To each subsoil sample (1.5Kg.) and amount of 0g, 25g, 50g and 75g Neem seeds powder was added and thoroughly mixed. Each of the 4 soils- Neem seeds powder mixture was subdivided into 15 pots, each containing 10mg of the mixture. The experiment ended up with 3 different treatments and the control. After 14 week incubation, the soil- Neem mixtures were analyzed for pH and Ec. At 25% Neem seeds powder, pH recorded values ranging from 7.22-7.99, and values of 7.47-7.89 were for Neem seeds powder of 50% and 75% respectively. Variation in electrical conductivity among different treatments recorded different values according to change in Neem seeds contents. At 25%, electrical conductivity values ranged from 0.22-0.33, at 50% and 75% recorded 0.17-0.28, and 0.17-0.28 respectively, while being 0.22-0.32 in the control. Results showed that the soil pH and electrical conductivity have decreased with increasing Neem seeds powder. Also on conclusion, the results indicated that Neem seeds powder can be used as organic amendment for saline and alkaline soil.

Keywords— Amendment, Organic fertilizer, soil pH, Salinity, Neem seeds powder.

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Agriculture Journal: Assessing Constituents and Efficiency of Neem Seeds Powder (Azadirachtaindica A. Juss) modifying Soil physical and Chemical Properties

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