Assessment of the Profitability Window of Broiler Chickens Farming in Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso

Abstract The purpose of this study, was to determine the optimal size for broiler farming and the optimal hen’s raising time to achieve technically and economically profitable farming .The study was conducted in the suburban area of Bobo-Dioulasso where three groups of six broiler farms were identified: the 1st group was made of farms that had 200 to 400 heads, the 2nd group had between 400 to 600 heads, and the 3rd group had more than 1000 heads.. In each group, three farms had completed the hen raising within 35 days and the other three within 42 days. We found that among the chicken coops, 17% respected the building orientation standards and most had low roofs (< 2.5 m) with a short extended eave (< 1 m) and a low dwarf wall (< 20 cm). Almost all of the producers (94.4%) used concomitantly a feed formula and a vaccination schedule. In terms of conduct, crawl space, lighting, preheating and heating were effective on all farms. In fact, 72.2% used coal-fired heaters, 16.7% radiant heater and 11.1% heating bulbs. Upon installation of the chicks (day 1), 76.5% of producers were administering veterinary products. In terms of good density of feeding and watering material, 61% were met at start-up, 43% at growth and 29% at finish. For those who observed the recommended density standards, 88.89% were encountered at start-up, 44% at growth and 5.2% at finish. The highest mortalities and average live weights (AVL) were found on large farms and 42 days raising while the highest Feed conversion ratios (FCR) were recorded in farms with 35 days of driving. The highest chicken production costs were seen in smaller flocks (1831±233) and the larger the flock size at finish, the better the profit (822 ± 151). In conclusion, the category of flock size that allowed the highest benefit for farmers in the suburban area of Bobo-Dioulasso is the group had more than 1000 heads and therefore should be recommended for extension purpose.

Keywords Bobo-Dioulasso-Burkina Faso, Norms, broiler Chickens, profitability.

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Agriculture Journal: Assessment of the Profitability Window of Broiler Chickens Farming in Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso

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