Cloning and Functional Analysis of TCAP3 Gene in Taxus Chinensis var. mairei

Abstract Taxus Chinensis var. mairei is a valuable plant species for timber and taxoids isolated from this species are very important compounds that are used for cancer treatment. Although chemical investigation on T. chinensis var. mairei are popular, functional identification of genes isolated from this species is rare.  In this investigation, we have isolated TCAP3 gene and analyzed its expression pattern in different tissue and developmental stages through Real time-PCR; then we transformed this gene into Arabidopsis and analyzed its function. Our results demonstrated that its cDNA contains 846 bp bases (coding 197 amino acids) constituted by four typical domains, M, I, K, C with conserved motif, Phylogenetic analysis showed that TCAP3 is more ancient than angiosperm B class genes. Alignment of protein sequence demonstrated the conserved motifs, which illustrated that TCAP3 belongs to gymnosperm Gymno B class MADS-box genes with PI-derived, on C-teminal, which is similar structure to the Gymno B class MADS-box genes that they share the same B class gene specific conserved motif. Expression analysis of TCAP3 in different tissue showed that it only expression in male strobilus, not in leaf, bud and female strobilus at different developmental stages.  We divided the stages according to paraffin sections of male strobilus. The results indicated that TCAP3 expresses dynamically along with the male strobilus. Heterologous expression of TCAP3 in Arabidopsis demonstrated that TCAP3 was involved in flower, especially the filaments morphological development.

Keywords Taxus Chinensis var. Mairei; gene cloning; B-class gene; expression pattern; functional analysis.

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Cloning and Functional Analysis of TCAP3 Gene in Taxus Chinensis var. mairei

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