Comparative Effect of Potting Media on Sprouting and Seedling Growth of Grape Cuttings

Abstract A pot experiment was conducted to study the effects of potting media on sprouting and seedling growth of grape cuttings. Three grape varieties viz. Red globe, Thomson seedless and Crimson seedless were planted in four different growth media: CS-Canal silt, CSFYM-Canal silt (75%) + FYM (25%), CSB-Canal silt (25%) + Bagasse (75%) and CSBCP-Canal silt (25%) + Bagasse (50%) + Coco peat (25%). The experiment was conducted in Completely Randomized Design (CRD) along with three replications. The results revealed that almost all observed parameters were significantly influenced by the potting media. However, grape varieties and their interaction with the potting media exhibited non-significant effect for sprouting percentage and most of the seedling related attributes of growth. Minimum days to sprouting (6.78),highest sprouting percentage (84.44), maximum rooting percentage (84.44) and maximum chlorophyll content of leaves (56.23) were observed from the cuttings planted in CSBCP. However, maximum number of sprouts (5.55), number of leaves (13.77), fresh weight of leaves (2.27g), fresh weight of the roots (2.16 g), were observed from CSB. No grape seedling mortality was also observed CSB and CSBCP growth media. On the basis of varietal comparison, Thompson seedless exhibited the best results for number of leaves per cutting (11.50), fresh weight of the roots (1.64 g) and number of roots per cutting (29.17 g) as compared to rest of the grape varieties. The research establishes the potential for locals to use available materials in potting media preparation for healthier and stronger grape seedlings for subsequent improved grape plantation.

Keywords Chlorophyll content, growth of grapes cuttings. Potting, sprouting media.

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Agriculture Journal- Comparative Effect of Potting Media on Sprouting and Seedling Growth of Grape Cuttings

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