Descriptive analysis of Traumatic Cataract Cases with Special Reference to its Surgical Outcomes

Abstract— Traumatic cataract is the commonest complication causing diminution of the vision following any type of ocular injury. It causes serious visual disability in working population So this study was aimed to analyse the post traumatic cataract cases and to observed its surgical outcomes. This study was conducted on 47 post traumatic cataract cases attended at Opthalmology department of SMS Medical college, Jaipur. Present study observed that males predominate over females in traumatic cataract with M:F ratio 2.7 and majority (59%) of cases were below 20 years of age. The most common mode of injury was wooden stick in 40.43% cases followed by stone in 23.40%. 85.5% patients had pre operative visual acuity below hand movement in affected eye. In most of the cases IOL was implanted successfully and only one case left aphakic due to inadequate zonular support. Intraoperative posterior capsular rent occured in 1 case, and vitreous prolapse in 2 cases. Postoperative complications were striate keratopathy, AC reaction, residual cortical matter and hyphema. In this study final visual outcome in affected eye were as follows-44.68% patients -20/20 – 20/30, 38.30% patients – 20/40 -20/60. 82.98% patients were gain satisfactory final visual outcome. 17.02% patients have visual acuity below 20/80, due to the co-morbidity.10.64% patients have posterior capsular opacification, 6.38% patients have vitreous hemorrhage and one patient have aphakia with vitreous hemorrhage. These all patients were referred for further management. This study concluded that final visual outcome in traumatic cataract patients in closed globe injuries is clearly related to extent of damage to anterior and posterior segment. PCIOL implantation is the best way of rehabilitation of traumatic cataract cases. Further with better surgical techniques and instrumentation, minimal handling of tissues during surgery and good pre-operative and post-operative control of inflammation better results can be achieved.

Key words: Traumatic cataract, Open globe injuries, Closed globe injuries, Surgical Outcomes, PCIOL Implantation

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Descriptive analysis of Traumatic Cataract Cases with Special Reference to its Surgical Outcomes

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