Economic Efficiency and Profitability of Sweet Potato Marketing in Anambra State, Nigeria.

Abstract The study examined the economic efficiency and profitability of sweet potato marketing in Anambra State, Nigeria. Specifically, it described profitability, economic efficiency and constraints to sweet potato marketing. Multistage sampling procedure which involved purposive and random sampling methods was used to select 240 marketers (120 wholesalers and 120 retailers). Data were collected from primary source using well structured questionnaire and were analyzed by means of descriptive statistics, enterprise budgeting and Sherpherd-Futell techniques. From the result, profitability indicators such as net marketing income, return on investment, net return on investment and coefficient of marketing efficiency of ₦ 8,775,807.4, 1.68, 0.68, 59.6 and ₦7, 892,837.4, 1.89, 0.89, 52.6 for wholesalers and retailers respectively proved the enterprise profitable at both levels. The implication of the net return on investment figures is that the wholesalers and retailers respectively return 0.68 kobo and 0.89 kobo for every 1 Naira invested in the business. Findings also indicated marketing efficiency levels of 59.6% for wholesalers and 52.6% for retailers implying that the retailers are more efficient in the marketing of sweet potato than the wholesalers. Findings on the constraints shows that seasonality of the product, high cost of transportation and rioting militated against sweet potato marketing on the wholesale whereas rioting and inadequate storage facility were perceived at the retail levels. Modern storage facilities and good road transport systems should be made available so that the volume of trade of marketers should increase for optimum profit.

Keywords— Economic, Efficiency, Profitability, Sweet potato.

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Agriculture Journal: Economic Efficiency and Profitability of Sweet Potato Marketing in Anambra State, Nigeria.

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