Effect of Industrialization and Urbanization on Agriculture

Abstract Industrialization and urbanization becomes a bane for the agriculture now days. With increase in industrialization and urbanization, the growth of agriculture sector decline continuously. Large area of land is covered under industry and infrastructure, which results in shortage of agriculture productive lands. The waste products of industry and urban areas are flowed in water bodies such as river, lakes and ponds which pollute them and make them unsuitable for any kind of use. The harmful effluents released from industry contaminate the air with harmful gases and suspended material. These gases and suspended particles affect the growth and development of plants and animals. The suspended particles are inhale during breathing and cause blockage in veins and arteries of animals and humans. To feed the ever increasing population of our country, the farmer put high pressure on shrinking land to get higher output. For this, farmer use modern technology and chemicals which reduce the productivity and fertility of soil. The polluted water of lakes and ponds become poisonous for the water living entities and results in death of plants and animal species. The waste effluents of urban areas and industry have high concentration of heavy metals which are very poisonous for animals and plants which survive under water and on land. The growth of plants and microbes in soil is reduced due to increase in concentration of heavy metal in soil. The effects of industries and urbanization need to be decreased to get a healthy environment for plants and animals. Special management practice needs to be developed to suppress this increasing problem to survive on earth.

Keywords— industrialization, urbanization, suspended particles, productivity, fertility, heavy metals, etc.

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Agriculture Journal: Effect of Industrialization and Urbanization on Agriculture

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