IJOER: April 2020

Engineering Journal: published its volume-6, Issue-4, April 2020 with AD Publications

Non-Linear Motion Analysis of Reciprocating Vibro separator

Abstract In this paper, dynamic motion behavior of reciprocating vibro separator model has developed and analyzed. Effective of 3 different elasticity of vibro-pad material has computed and nonlinear dynamic motions have investigated. Based on previous empirical data computational model has validated with elasticity value of 25MPa, vibro motor at 1000 rpm and vibro motor angle (α) 30ᵒ has resulted in minimum horizontal displacement and periodic motion of system. For the motion analysis Poincaré, Fast Fourier Transit (FFT) & Time data graphs have used. The computational model of reciprocating vibro separator has observed significant resembling with industrial case study.

Keywords Dynamic Motion analysis, Model validation, Material property.

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Automation Security System

Abstract Security systems has seen a rapid rise in its place in research and development, in the field of home automation and industries. This is a field where development occurs regularly yet still always leave some room for growth. In this paper, an endeavour has been made to develop advanced automation security system with ultrasonic range module, stepper motor and GSM module to detect theft. When a person comes within the range of the system, along with an alarm buzz and led indication, an alert message is sent using GSM module touser’s mobile. Use of stepper motor and ultrasonic module in system also provides an omni directional security of home detection. This system also very economical yet simple to implement. The system successfully developed, implemented and tested and that we found that its working is satisfactory. The abstract should summarize the content of the paper. Try to keep the abstract below 250 words. Do not make references nor display equations in the abstract. The journal will be printed from the same-sized copy prepared by you. Your manuscript should be printed on A4 paper (21.0 cm x 29.7 cm). It is imperative that the margins and style described below be adhered to carefully. This will enable us to keep uniformity in the final printed copies of the Journal. Please keep in mind that the manuscript you prepare will be photographed and printed as it is received. Readability of copy is of paramount importance.

Keywords ATmega-328 Microcontroller, Stepper Motor, Buzzer alarm, GSM SIM900.

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A Readiness Model towards Transformation a Second Generation University to an Entrepreneurial University

Abstract This paper proposes a readiness model for transformation a second-generation university to an entrepreneurial organization based on influential factors and the consequences of entrepreneurial activities on local economic development. Six factors and indicators are identified and modeled based on the tutorial entrepreneurship literature. The restrictions of each factor are defined by the readiness framework and the consequences of entrepreneurial activities on local economic development are analyzed by using the proposed model. The proposed conceptual model aids policymakers in completing a much-needed assessment of the impact of organizational policies, practices, and structures on the entrepreneurial activities and transformation from second-generation universities to third-generation organizations. The proposed readiness model leads to the development of organizational interventions that facilitate successful entrepreneurial activities. The quantitative indicators of different university types are demonstrated in this study. The quantitative validation of the integrated framework suggests that university heads and policymakers can encourage and develop academic entrepreneurship by using a comprehensive systems approach for the identification, protection, and commercialization of university intellectual property.

Keywords Entrepreneurial universities, readiness; local economic development model, quantitative indicators.

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Evidence of OH• radicals disinfecting indoor air and surfaces in a harmless for humans method

Abstract The development of human societies around the world has generated a very serious environmental damage that threatens human health and the survival of animals and plants due to a higher incidence of infectious diseases.

This awareness led to the designing of an advanced harmless environmental sanitation method for the elimination of pathogenic microorganisms and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) in large air spaces and surfaces. Advanced oxidation processes (AOP) based on hydroxyl radicals (OH) in sufficient concentrations perform biocidal functions on pathogenic microorganisms and degrade airborne organic compounds to mineral forms of harmless organic compounds.

It is a technology recognized as clean and safe and is generally carried out through solar radiation as a process initiator with photocatalyst material. The problem presented in the photocatalysis methods is its low speed, the generation of toxic degradation intermediates, deactivation of the material and the need for UV irradiation.

The increased airborne spread of pathogenic microorganisms has raised serious concerns about its threat to environmental security. However, there is no effective method to quickly eliminate these harmful microorganisms in a large air space. Compared to conventional disinfectants, OH radical-based oxidation processes have excellent advantages.

Keywords advanced oxidation process, disinfection, hydroxyls radicals (OH), infectious diseases, ozone, terpenes, VOC’s.

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A Novel Assistive System using National Instruments LabVIEW Graphical Programming

AbstractToday health monitoring system related research has been the priority for all as pre diagnosis of any health related issue can help to save lives of many people. It involved multidisciplinary fields of research which included use of electronic sensors, biomedical diagnosis, embedded system, artificial intelligence etc. In today’s busy world most people does not have time for proper medical checkup or does not have the economic support for the expenses related to it. In this paper we have proposed a novel assistive system called AHD (Automated health diagnosis) system which is cost effective, durable and easy to use. It will be very advantageous for elderly people in eliminating the excessive cost of diagnosis and unnecessary travelling to the hospital for whom regular health checkup is a priority aspect. This system will monitor patient health so that necessary medical support can be provided within appropriate time. AHD system involves uses of ECG (Electrocardiogram) signal, body vibration signal and the use of GSM technology. In case of abnormality this system will send text message to the doctor, hospital and the family members. We have used Ardunio Mega 2560 as a microcontroller, AD620 for ECG and LabVIEW as a visual programming language. This system will bridge the gap involved in the patient deteriorating health condition and health care entities.

Keywords Biomedical embedded system, ECG, AHD (Automated health diagnosis) system, Medical diagnosis, Signal Processing.

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Trapping & Harvesting Lightning Energy

Abstract Energy is available in the universe in different forms. For any work to be done, energy is required. The need and scarcity of energy made the mankind for the search of different forms of energy. For centuries many scientists are in search of energy and have found many forms of renewable and non-renewable source of energy which are being used till date but the problem arises here that the sources which are non renewable (e.g: fossil fuels) are getting over day by day and it cannot be replenished. At this rate if this usage continues then by 2075 it will completely get over. Fossil fuels are given a very huge importance as mankind is completely dependent on this source of energy as 99% of transportation and automation uses fossil fuels. Due to this completion of energy mankind has started search of another source of energy that is sufficient and that can replace fossil fuels. After lots of research and analysis it has been noticed that lightening is a very huge source of energy.

Keywords— Lightning Energy, Trapping and Harvesting lightning Energy, Source of Energy.

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