GIS-Based Soil Properties Analysis for Sustainable Agriculture in Bani Waleed (Libya)

Abstract This paper presents an study Soil Properties analysis for sustainable agriculture by GIS through 15 soil samples chemical characterization conducts to soil numerical classification and crops soil suitability that has the advantage to guide the practices of soil management is as follows: Soil Salinity: The results of electrical conductivity indicated that the studied soils were generally positioned into the very saline class that had an area of (3847.96 ha) representing (79.50 %). The soils assembled into five classes; non-saline (198.5 ha) and it is suitable for most crops, moderately saline (385.75ha), where crops salt-tolerant crops give yield with marginal reduction. Finally, strong saline (112.00 ha) that it is suitable just for high salt-tolerant crops but also with yield reduction. Soil Sodic: the non-sodic soil class occupied the majority of the studied area with 96.8 % (4689.18 ha). The sodic soil had only (151.27 ha) 13.12 %. calcium carbonate to moderately calcareous soil (2317.93 ha) 47.89% and calcareous soil (2522.51 ha)52.11%. Crops soil suitability (Wheat): (S1), (S2) and (NS2) It is as follows (4000.78ha) 82.65 %, 114.37ha 2.36 %, and 725.30ha 14.98% of the studied area, respectively. (Tomato): is as follows: (4190.85 ha) 86.58 % of the study area is highly suitable (S1) and (NS2) (649.61ha) 13.42 % is unsuitable represent respectively. (Olive): The majority of the study area 4081.04 ha (84.31 %) was classified as highly suitable soils (S1), potentially suitable class (NS1) is about 236.61ha (4.89 %) and unsuitable class (NS2) is about (522.81ha) 10.80 % respectively. Soil Management and Crops tolerance for soil parameters The GIS-ESP soil map divided the studied area into three categories of ESP tolerance crops soil; Extremely sensitive ESP crop (4164.65 ha), sensitive ESP crop (594.13 ha) and moderately tolerant crop (81.67 ha). The GIS-CaCO3 soil map divided the studied area into two categories of CaCO3 tolerance crops soil; Crops that tolerate a certain (1924.92 ha) and Crops which support high (2915.54 ha). EC tolerance crops soil; Sensitive (3835.38 ha), moderately (224.28ha), highly (650.86 ha) and very highly (129.93ha).

Keywords— Sustainable Agriculture, GIS, Soil Suitability and Tolerant Crops.

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Agriculture Journal: GIS-Based Soil Properties Analysis for Sustainable Agriculture in Bani Waleed (Libya)

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