Herbicidal Activity of Imazapic (262.5 G / L) Associated With Imazapyr (87.5 G / L) on Sugar Cane Weeds and Its Effects on Soil Agrochemical Properties, in Burkina Faso.

Abstract Merremia tridentata, Corchorus olitorus, Euphorbia heterophylla are weeds which cause significant damage to sugar cane. To remedy this, while saving the environment, a study of the biological efficacy of imazapic 262.65 g / l associated with Imazapyr 87,5g / l (CMT 505) and its secondary effects on soil agrochemical properties was done at Bérégadougou, in Burkina Faso. The biological efficacy of herbicides was evaluated by counting and weighing the dry biomass of weeds using a sampling square of 0.25 m² placed on four tufts diagonally on the 4 lines of the useful plot. The soil nitrogen nitrate and assimilable phosphorus contents were evaluated on a spectrophotometer, those of available potassium on a flame photometer. The biological efficiency coefficients of CMT 0.6l / ha varied from 80.96% to 100%. Those of CMT highest doses , phyto-toxic varied from 48.12% to 100%. The nitrogen nitrate, assimilable phosphorous soil contents in herbicides treatments were not different from those of manual weeding. The dose of CMT 0.6l / ha led to a reduction of 32.20% potassium available content compared to manual weeding at the end of tillering. All these factors have allowed CMT, applied at the rate of 0.6l / ha, a surplus of 11.03% cane yield, of 14.74% extractable sugar compared to the untreated control and equivalent to manual weeding. CMT 505 does not interfere, at studied doses, the dynamic evolution of soil agrochemical properties.

Keywords Imazapic, Imazapyr, weeds, agrochemical properties, Burkina Faso.

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Herbicidal Activity of Imazapic

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