Hydrogen Bonding – The Key to Desalination (A Review)

Abstract Energy crisis today is a major matter of concern. Energy is the most essential ingredient in the process of economic growth and development. The search for alternative sources for various unit operations such as evaporation, drying, distillation, etc. has been in continuum but without much success. Industries being the major consumers of energy, its efficient usage and minimal wastage are of profound importance.

ETPs or Effluent Treatment Plants are one of the components of a majority of the industry where a lot of energy is consumed. In every ETP, separate equipments are present to treat salt water. Desalination techniques such as Flash and Multi Effect Distillation in thermal, Electro dialysis and Reverse Osmosis (RO) in membrane category and many other processes such as freezing and humidification are used. For instance RO today is the most commonly used method for desalination. But the problem that accompanies it is that RO rejects concentrated brine solution every time it is used. This massive tonnage of salt water is then sent through a set of Multi-Effect Evaporators which not only increases the cost but majorly increases the energy requirement. The real problem with all the methods used is the need optimum economic designs and higher efficiency requirements thus making it both eco-friendly and economical for the industry. Modifications and innovations such as Incorporation of vacuum in humidification system increases the evaporation rate of water due to reduction in boiling point. In Electrodialysis, ion exchange resins are incorporated between the electrodes which help separate out ions into continuous streams. These provide continuity to the process and also enhance its rate. But still the need for energy turns out to be the major issue. This paper suggests an alternative innovative technique reduction in h bonding of water that can virtually eliminate the excessive energy needs in these processes.

Keywords Desalination, RO, Electrodialysis, Humidification, Solvents.

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Agriculture Journal- Hydrogen Bonding - The Key to Desalination (A Review)

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