Identification And Control Of Strawberry Root And Stalk Rot In Iraq

Abstract This study was conducted to identify, test the pathogenicity of strawberry root and stalk rot pathogens and evaluate the efficiency of some biocontrol agents and fungicides to control the disease. The isolation and identification of fungi associated with infected plant samples showed that Rhizoctonia solani was detected in all studied commercial strawberry lath houses at different location of Baghdad-Iraq. The frequency percentages ranged 25.5-63.5 % and 10.75 – 40 % for Rhizoctonia solani and Phymatotrichopsis omnivora respectively. Pathogenicity test revealed R. solani and P. omnivora isolates were highly pathogenic to strawberry plants. The disease severity percentages of R. solani and P. omnivora were 83.0-100% and 55.5-62.0 % respectively. The isolates HRs3 and KPh1 of R. solani and P. omnivora respectively, caused the highest disease were used during this study. The control agents Rizolex and Tachigarin fungicides, Azotobacter chroococcum and Pseudomonas fluorescens have shown high efficiency against R. solani and P. omnivora on culture media (PDA).

The treatment of biocontrol agent’s A. chroococcum and P. fluorescens and the fungicide Rizolex and Preserve Pro showed high efficiency in disease control and enhance plants growth under greenhouse conditions. Disease severities on foliar and root system in A. chroococcum , Rizolex , Preserve Pro and P. fluorescens were 6,66 and 0.00 %, 20.00 and 0.00 %,13.33 and 0.00 % and 13.33and 0.00 % respectively in plants infected with R. solani .Whereas they were 6.66 and 0.00%, 13.33 and 0.00 %,13.33 and 0.00 %,and 13.33 and 0.00 % respectively in plants infected with P. omnivora. This study is the first report of the occurrence of root and stalk rot disease caused by R. solani and P. omnivora on strawberry plants in Iraq.

Keywords Biocontrol agents, Fungicides, Root and Stalk rot, Strawberry.

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