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Strong chromatic index of graphs: a short survey

Abstract— A strong edge coloring of a graph G is an edge coloring such that every two adjacent edges or two edges adjacent to a same edge receive two distinct colors; in other words, every path of length three has three distinct colors in G. The strong chromatic index of G, denoted by , is the smallest integer k such that G admits a strong edge coloring with k colors. This survey is an brief introduction to some good results regarding the strong chromatic index of planar graphs, bipartite graphs and so on.

Keywords strong edge coloring; strong chromatic index.

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Numerical and experimental investigation of heat transfer in double pipe heat exchanger with inner and annular twisted tape

Abstract Heat exchanger is an important device in all the thermal systems. The heat exchanger is widely used equipment in different industries such as process, petroleum refining, chemicals, pharmaceutical and paper etc. after studying different literature about heat exchanger and double pipe heat exchanger problem is identified as To perform simulation and experimental investigation of double pipe heat exchanger with inner and annuals twisted tape at different mass flow rate .

The system has followed different types of flow arrangement and geometric dimension with twisted tape to attain heat transferred in experimental result and compare with simulation result. The objective of these experiments is to Performance analysis of double pipe heat exchanger with inner and outer twisted tape at different mass flow inlet of hot. The experimental set up consists of double pipe heat exchanger experiment. The apparatus includes tube-within-a-tube heat exchangers and twisted tap with threaded thermocouple at each end, a water pump and electric motor. These methods used to find out the heat transfer rate from the surface and related temperature of fluid motions also used to found the effectiveness. The Annular method in which twisted tape is outside the inner tube has higher rate of heat transfer than other three methods. Also same result near found by simulation using ANSYS.

Keywords double pipe heat exchanger, inner twisted tape, outer twisted tape.

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A Fuzzy Intrusion Detection System for Cloud Computing

Abstract The aim of this work was to create an approach using fuzzy inference systems to detect intruders on cloud computing applications. Cloud computing is a topic that has been extensively discussed and although it is gaining market share, some researchers highlight a critical factor for their use, i.e., data security and reliability of processes. To validate the proposed approach, a distributed system was created in Java language in order to control a process of collaborative software development in the cloud. Two fuzzy inference systems were created: one to analyze network problems and another for analysis of security problems in distributed environment. Several tests were made in order to verify the operation and application of the proposed approach. Such tests were satisfactory.

Keywords Cloud Computing, Computer Network, Fuzzy Logic, Intrusion Detection System, Security.

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Analytical Solution with Two Time Scales of Circular Restricted Three-Body Problem

Abstract Analytical solution performs a vital role in a wide variety of deep space exploration missions, especially the periodic solutions which were believed to be the unique avenue to solve three-body problem by Poincaré. As the absence of a general solution for the problem, an approximate analytical solution of the circular restricted three-body problem is addressed by employing multiple scales method in conjunction with some analytical techniques. It is worthwhile to note that the presented solution in three-dimensional space contains two time scales: and ( is a small, dimensionless parameter), which is significative to improve and perfect the known literature.

Keywords Analytical solution, multiple scales, three-body problem.

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A theoretical analysis of zero-field splitting parameters of Mn2+ in zinc lactate trihydrate

Abstract The superposition model is used to investigate the crystal field parameters (CFP) of Mn2+ ion in single crystal of zinc lactate trihydrate, and then zero-field splitting (ZFS) parameters D and E are also evaluated by the perturbation formulae. These calculated values of ZFS parameters match well with the experimental values evaluated by electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) at room temperature. With the help of CFA package and crystal field parameters evaluated by superposition model the energy band positions of optical absorption spectra of Mn2+ doped zinc lactate trihydrate are evaluated and compared with the experimental results.

Keywords A. Organic crystal; C. Crystal structure and symmetry; D. Crystal and ligands fields; D. Spin-orbit effects; E. Electron paramagnetic resonance.

PACS No: 76.30.Da ; 76.30.Fc; 71.70.Ch

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Design of A Low Power and High Speed Integrated Circuit using Modified Feed Through Logic

Abstract A modified approach for Feed-Through logic (FTL) is developed in this paper to provide a design of a low power and high performance dynamic circuit . The need for faster circuits with low power dissipation has made it common practice to use feedthrogh logic. The proposed circuit for low power improves dynamic power consumption as compared to the existing feedthrough logic and to further improve its speed we proposed another circuit which improves the speed by sacrificing dynamic power consumption. The proposed circuit is simulated using 180 nm, 1.8 V CMOS process technology.FTL performs a partial evaluation in a computational block before its input signals reach a valid level, and performs a quick final evaluation as soon as the inputs arrive, leading to a reduction in the delay. Intensive simulation results in Cadence environment shows that the proposed modified low-power structure reduces the dynamic power approximately by 35% and the modified structure for high performance achieves a speed up- 1.3 for 10-stage of inverters and 8-bit ripple carry adder in comparison to existing feedthrough logic. The concept is validated through extensive simulation.Problems associated with domino logic like limitation of non-inverting only logic and the need of output inverter are eliminated.

Keywords Feedthrough logic (FTL);dynamic CMOS logic circuit; high performance; low-power adder.

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Yellow passion fruit (Passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa Deg.) oil refining extracted by mechanical pressing

Abstract Clarifiers clays are used in refinery operations of vegetable oils to remove pigments, improving their appearance, odor and flavor. In this study, yellow passion fruit (Passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa Deg.) seeds oil was extracted by mechanical pressing. Passion fruit seeds were dried in a convective dryer under temperatures of 50, 60 and 70°C in order to adjust different mathematical models to experimental data. Physico-chemical analyses were carried out of oil samples resulting from the refining process steps. Oil thermal performance was also evaluated during 90 days. Physico-chemical results varied in each refining stage: refractive index (1.4763 to 1.4666), water activity (0.9567 to 0.5140) and density (1.02 to 0.8914). Thermogravimetric (TGA), derivate thermogravimetric (DTGA) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) curves showed that refined oils presented a better thermal stability compared to the standard oil, without the clarification step.

Keywords clarifiers agents, oil extraction, oil refinery.

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Seismic Evaluation and Comparision of Plan Irregular and Plan Irregular Soft Storey Building with Cross Bracing and Shear Wall System

Abstract Generally improvement of reinforcement concrete frame structures against lateral loading is shearwall and cross bracing system. The use of cross bracing and shearwall has advantage over other scheme like higher stiffness, strength, and adds much less weight to existing structure. The seismic analysis of reinforced concrete G+6,G+12,G+18 buildings with Cross bracing and shearwall is studied. The cross bracing is provided at the outer peripheral columns. The building models are analyzed by nonlinear push over analysis method using Etabs software. The main parameters compared are the buildings are lateral displacement, base shear, storey drift, storey, axial force shear and natural time period.

Keywords Cross bracing , Shearwall , Soft storey, Push over analysis.

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