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Idiopathic Linear Calcinosis Cutis – A Case Report

AbstractLinear calcinosis cutis is a very rare disorder; reported in association with lichen sclerosus atrophicus, scleroderma, after intravenous infusion of calcium and acute monocytic leukemia. In available literature idiopathic Zosteriform Calcinosis Cutis is yet to be described. Eight year old child presented with spontaneous painful, slowly progressive, linear band like nodules over right half of the chest and back of trunk. It is a rare presentation in Skin Department. On the basis of clinical, laboratory investigation and histopathology a diagnosis of Linear Calcinosis Cutis was made. So it was decided to report this rare case of idiopathic Zosteriform Calcinosis Cutis because of unusual presentation and rarity of the disorder.

Keywords: Linear Calcinosis, Zosteriform Calcinosis Cutis, LSA, Scleroderma.

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Survival Rate of Teeth after Replantation of permanent incisors in Relation to defined Parameters: An Interventional Study

AbstractTreatment of severely traumatized teeth is known to be a challenge in oral surgery. In particular, severe tooth trauma in children is difficult to treat, mainly because of damage to the periodontal ligament, unphysiologic storage of the tooth and the growing jaw of these patients.

In this present clinical study, teeth with severe trauma were treated using an extra-oral endodontic method. Auto-alloplastic replantation involves using a titanium post as endodontic filling prior to replantation. Aim of this study was to determine survival rate of such replanted permanent teeth in relation to defined parameters that may influence survival. In this study, 44 patients with 58 replanted teeth were evaluated.

Out of 58 teeth, 28 were avulsed and 30 teeth were dislocated; 24 teeth healed with a functional periodontal ligament (functional healing), 8 teeth healed with ankylosis and a further 8 showed replacement resorption. Infection-related resorptions were present in 2 teeth, which were removed after two months. Other 16 cases could not be assessed. 5-year survival rate according to Kaplan-Meier analysis was 83.9% and estimated time of survival was 88.5 months. Avulsion and storage had no significant effect on tooth loss (p=0.178). Mature teeth had a significantly higher 5-year survival rate (92.2%) than immature teeth (72.4%, p = 0.041, log rank test).

It can be concluded that auto-alloplastic replantation is a reliable method in dental trauma treatment. This method is suitable with a high rate of success for avulsed or severely traumatized teeth.

Keywords: Dental Trauma, Avulsion, Replantation, Extra-Oral Endodontic Treatment.

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School Based Filaria Transmission Assessment Survey at Purba Medinipur District, West Bengal; India in 2014

AbstractLymphatic Filariasis is one of the neglected tropical diseases of world. India was set a target to eliminate lymphatic filarial within the year 2015 by administering Mass Drugs Administration (MDA) with diethyl carbamazine and albendazole for five consecutive years. MDA coverage was more than 80% – 92% of different MDA rounds in Purba Medinipur district. Impact of MDA programme was assessed by searching microfilaria through night blood survey. Prevalence of microfilaria was 2.4% to zero in all sentinel sites. Finally transmission assessment survey (TAS) as per WHO guidelines – 2011 of microfilaria was conducted on September and October’ 2014 among student of class I and II for making decision to stop or continue MDA. This district was sub-divided into three evaluation units (EUs), named Evaluation Unit-I, Evaluation Unit-II and Evaluation Unit-III to implement TAS programme. Sample Survey Builder (SSB) tool was used for sampling. Cluster survey was conducted with critical cut off value 20 in each EU. Immuno-chromatographic test (ICT) card was used to detect microfilaria among school students of class I and II (6 – 7 years age). All students of class-I and II of selected school were tested with ICT card, no sampling interval. Among the total enrolled school student of class-I and II, 3.67% were tested for microfilaria with ICT card. Among them, 51.3% were boys and 47.3% were girls. Out of total 5108 children surveyed only three (0.06%) was found positive for filarial antigen. All three cases had migratory history to filaria endemic areas and remain with relatives for >11 months. As proportion of positive cases did not cross the critical cut off value. So these three Evaluation Units were qualified to stop further MDA.

Key word: Microfilaria, Transmission Assessment Survey, Purba Medinipur, West Bengal.

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Treatment Therapies in Renal Cell Carcinoma in elderly: A Descriptive Analysis

AbstractKidney cancer accounts for 63% of cancers that affect the elderly and access to innovative therapies are needed to diagnose and treatment. So this study was conducted with the aim to find out the type of better therapy in renal cancer in elderly. This study was conducted on 21 cases of renal cell cancer in first group and 64 cases in group II . Use of humanized monoclonal antibodies administered at a dose of 10 mg / kg in combination with the alpha allIFN 9 (MUI) dose subcutaneously three times a week for three months with a positive response at 12 months in 91% of cases. AC of the kidney is a typical disease of geriatric and the prognosis is greatly influenced by other underlying conditions, surgery is the treatment of choice healing while finding difficulty in implementing patient with: renal insufficiency, solitary kidney, or in 30% of cases (occasional) in late-stage cancers. the chemotherapy used in association to IFN led to a partial response in the progression of the disease 15% of cases. Results show that in these cases treated with this therapy had encouraging results in terms of complete response, partial response and stable disease. Disappointing results reported (chemo, radio,) in this study have led to the use of biological response modifiers establishing itself as the treatment of choice (first results) in advanced kidney cancer, in combination with lIFN 2alfa. Additional molecular biology studies are useful for better understanding of the mechanisms that regulate the aging process and the onset of illness in old age.

Keywords- Renal Cell Cancer, Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Geriatrics.

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Internet Addiction Pattern among High School Students of Jaipur City: A Descriptive Study

Abstract This present study was conducted on high school students to find out patterns of internet use and prevalence of Internet addiction among high school students. Seven hundred students of three English medium schools of Jaipur city were selected by convenient sampling technique who returned the completed forms. Young’s Internet Addiction Test (IAT) Internet addiction or problematic Internet use was considered when IAT score was ≥50. Out of these 700 students surveyed, 250 (28.57%) students were having Internet addiction. Internet Addiction was found significant more (p < 0.05) in males, prolonged users, and younger age of exposure to Internet and high socioeconomic status than their counterparts. In near future Internet addiction may be an important clinical entity. It needs extensive research. All high school students must be screened for Internet addiction and vice versa.

Keywords: Internet, Students, Internet Addiction Test

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Effect of Mifepristone on Uterine Fibroid with special reference to Symptoms and its Size

Abstract: Uterine Fibroids are most common growth of female reproductive tract in premenopausal women. Non surgical treatment options for this have limitations. So this Prospective interventional study was conducted to evaluate the effect of low dose Mifepristone treatment for 3 months on fibroid size and related symptom.

Patients: Twenty five patients with symptomatic fibroid, aged 20-50 years.

Intervention: Patients received 10mg Mifepristone daily for 3 months

Method: Baseline data regarding fibroid volume, Hb value, PBAC (Pictorial Blood Assessment Chart) & VAS (Visual analogue Scheme) score were recorded and these data regarding above parametres again collected at the end of 1st month & 3rd months of therapy.

Results: Mifepristone treatment significantly reduced fibroid mean volume from 91.13cm3 at enrollment to 38.73cm3 after 3months of treatment. Mean PBAC score was reduced for 111.52 at enrollment to 2.36 at the end of 3rd month of therapy. At 3 months 22 of 25 case (88%) developed amenorrhoea. At the end of therapy hemoglobin mean value was raised by 2.38 gm/dL from the baseline mean value of 8.70mg./dL. There were no major side effects during the course of the study and treatment was well tolerated.

Conclusion: Low dose Mifepristone (10mg) reduces fibroid size and related symptoms with no side effects among women with symptomatic fibroids.

Key Words: Mifepristone, Leiomyoma, Fibroid Volum, Menorragia and Amenorrhoea

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Effect of custom made splint in first carpo-metacarpal joint Osteoarthritis: A Quincy Experiments

Abstract Custom- made splints are in use of treatment of osteoarthritis but there are very few studies in this regards i.e. effectiveness of use of these custom-made splints. So this present Quincy experiment interventional study was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of custom-made splints (short dynamic splint) on pain, function, grip strength and key pinch in patients with first carpometacarpal (CMC) joint OA (grade 2nd and 3rd) in comparison to conventional treatment. Sixty patients with CMC joint osteoarthritis were randomly assigned to the splint (group A) or non splint group B) treatment. So 30 CMC joint osteoarthritis patients (grade 2nd and 3rd)were given custom-made splints (short dynamic splint)and 30 CMC joint OA (grade 2nd and 3rd)were given conventional treatment. Both groups were comparable statistically in both the groups (P>0.05) as per age, sex etc. In follow up assessment at 4th & 8th week, the Splint group shows significant improvement in all the outcomes (pain, grip and pinch strength) measures at all follow up except DASH score improvement at 2nd follow up in comparison to non splint group. So it can be concluded that the splint group shows significant improvement in all the outcomes (pain, grip and pinch strength) measures at all follow up except DASH score improvement at 2nd follow up in comparison to non splint group. Result of present study supports that rehabilitation intervention (Short Custom-Made splint) can significantly benefits to individuals with early osteoarthritis and by it we can delay the need for surgical intervention.

Keywords: CMC joint osteoarthritis, custom-made splints.

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Awareness and Perception of Sexually Transmitted Disease (STI) in females: A cross sectional study

AbstractReproductive tract infections (RTIs) including sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is a public health importance as it adversely impacts the reproductive health of people. So this present study was conducted on 360 females of slum area of Jaipur city to assess the awareness about STI/RTI and their perception and practices. Prevalence of RTI/STI among females (15-49 years) of slum area of Jaipur was found 38.2%. Awareness regarding symptoms of RTI/STI, mode of its spread and its prevention was 39.7%, 33.6% and 28.6% respectively. Regarding treatment seeking behavior for RTI/STI more women from higher socioeconomic status as well as higher educational status were opting for taking treatment. This awareness not found to be affected by literacy level of females.

Perception and practices regarding choice of health facility for treatment of RTI / STI, it was observed that 57.8% females were of opinion that treatment for RTI / STI should be taken, 32.5% of the females actually took the treatment and 42.2% of females believed that there is no need of treatment. Maximum females (23.6%) believed that treatment should be taken from lady doctor. Among those who took the treatment, half (42.3%) of them took treatment from lady doctor.

Keywords: Reproductive Tract Infections (RTIs), Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), Awareness, Perception and Practices.

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