Impact of Solid Waste Management Practices on Environmental Protection Case of Kicukiro District

Abstract This Solid waste management practices are essential component of environmental infrastructure in human settlements; its poor management can lead to health problem and environmental destruction in general, this study was conducted in Kicukiro district. The data were collected on the sample of 97 households and some authorities through questionnaires, and interview and were analyzed using SPSS Version 20 (statistical tools) and this helped in generating tables and performing descriptive statistics like percentages, frequency, and mean.

The results obtained revealed that that in terms of waste segregation is explained excluding solid wastes from liquid wastes considering the mean of 2.73 which was interpreted as high mean. Those results influenced the grand mean to become 2.04 which is interpreted as low mean. This means that waste segregation practices is not efficiently done in households located in Kicukiro. It was revealed that transportation of wastes is characterized by the short time of loading wastes considering the mean of 2.91 which is interpreted as high mean. The findings revealed that the environmental protection in Kicukiro District is characterized by the following: little harmful materials (plastic packages) in the soils considering the mean of 3.18. This showed that there is link between solid waste management practices and environmental protection in Kicukiro District. For proper practices of waste management which is positive but only for waste transportation to have a significant relationship with environmental protection considering the correlation coefficient of 0.259 and the p-value or Sig.(2-tailed) of 0.010 which is below the p-alpha of 0.05. It is recommended that Kicukiro District has to launch a sustained, education and communication campaign informing residents on the importance of managing waste properly and its importance to their health, the environment and cleanliness of the city or use another waste reduction strategy in order to encourage recyclable production of goods to allow access to recyclable products.

KeywordsSolid Waste Management, environmental protection.

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Agriculture Journal: Impact of Solid Waste Management Practices on Environmental Protection Case of Kicukiro District

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