Lettuce Growth and Production under Plastic Shading as a Response to different Microclimate Condition: A Preliminary Study of Climate Change Factors Impact on Crops

Abstract Crop production is vulnerable to climate variability, especially when it associated with increasing temperature. Results from global and local scale research with different methods consistently showed negative temperature impacts on crop yield especially vegetables. One reason of lacking research in quantifying the impacts of climate change on crops is difficult to modify the air temperature and climate change marked by global temperature increase happened on regional and sub-regional scales. Therefore, this primary research tried to overcome this problem with planting highland crops on lowland area which has higher temperature area and study what changes experienced in crops growth and production. Lettuce is chosen in this experiment since lettuce is a wild plant native to temperate regions then vulnerable to climate change and as leafy crops, lettuce is representative in examining temperature effects on crop, leaf area is the main determining factor affecting light interception by crop and lead to biomass production. The experiments were conducted under UV polyethylene sheet to reduce the incoming solar radiation, and measured microclimate factors along with lettuce growth and production. Numbers of leaves for both lettuce plants inside the shading were significantly lower and as the consequences the fresh weight was still lower. Direct full sunshine with lower intensity combined with low temperature is the characteristic of highland area, the habitat of lettuce in Tropical area. In open and under shading condition of the experiment, the incoming radiation was still in the range of recommended light intensity for lettuce production. However, the air temperature seemed too high for lettuce cultivation in lowland area. In the nature it is possible that if the earth temperature keeps rising more crops will inhibit higher altitude.

Keywords Microclimate, lettuce, radiation, climate changes, shading.

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International Journal of Environmental and Agriculture Research (IJOEAR)

ISSN: 2454-1850

Digital Object Identifier DOI: 10.25125/agriculture-journal

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