Managing Emerging Land use Pattern in Developing Nations: A Focus on ONDO, Nigeria

Abstract The study assesses the urban expansion and landuse pattern of Ondo Township between 1986 and 2014. It also carried out intensive analysis of the urban land use and land cover types between the study period and identified the major factors contributing to the rapid expansion of the township. The study made use of primary and secondary data sets. The primary data sets include field observations for developing image-to-ground concordance, GPS data of 100 points of interest. The secondary data sets include Landsat imageries of 1986, 2002 and 2014, topographic map at scale 1:50000 covering the study area. The imageries of 1986, 2002 and 2014 were processed using the ENVI software. Supervised classification employing the maximum likelihood algorithm was carried out on each imagery. Furthermore, relevant urban expansion parameters including Land Consumption Rate (LCR) and the Land Absorption Coefficient (LAC) were computed while spatial overlay of the built-up areas of 1986, 2002 and 2014 were performed. The study also determined the average rate of expansion between 1986 and 2014. The result shows that Ondo town has expanded at a very fast rate increasing in surface area from 1324.96 ha in 1986 to 1743.48 ha in 2002 and 3444.64 ha in 2014 giving an expansion rate of 3.9% per annum. The land consumption rates for 1986, 2002 and 2014 are respectively 1.4%, 1.2% and 1.0 indicating a progressive compactness in the built-up area of the town. The residential landuse (built-up) area gained and colonized the adjoining vegetation areas in each period. The study concluded that Ondo urban has been expanding radially outwards from urban Centre. The study recommends proper monitoring of urban area, development of small towns around city area to reduce people migrating to urban centre and effective urban land use management in the city centre.

Keywords Urban expansion, Landuse/landcover, GPS, Landsat imageries, ENVI software.

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Agriculture Journal: Managing Emerging Land use Pattern in Developing Nations: A Focus on ONDO, Nigeria

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