IMJH: August 2020

Management of Sepsis Patient Aggravated by Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Abstract Sepsis is a life-threatening organ dysfunction caused by dysregulation of the host’s response to infection. Sepsis can lead to ketoacidosis in diabetes mellitus patients. A 60 years old male complained of headache, mild fever and painful swallowing since 2 weeks prior to hospital admission. History of diabetes mellitus is unknown. Based on examination, the working diagnosis for the patient was sepsis, suspected periapical abscess, type II diabetes mellitus with diabetic ketoacidosis and decreased consciousness. Initial management of sepsis, insulin, and endotracheal intubation were performed. The patient then was admitted to the ICU. Management of sepsis is very important and should be performed based on 1-hour SSC bundle while performing management of DKA. The patient had periapical abscess which is thought to be the source of sepsis. Sepsis then triggers DKA, and several organ dysfunctions in the form of AKI, DIC, and respiratory distress.

Keywords Diabetic ketoacidosis, Periapical abscess, Sepsis.

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Functional Outcome of Diaphyseal Femoral Fractures Treated with Titanium Elastic Nail in Paediatric Age Group (05 To 15 Years)

Abstract— Femoral shaft fractures are very demanding injuries to the patients and their families. Majority of cases occurs in children and adolescents. Titanium elastic nailing is one of the operative procedures for treatment of such fractures. So this present study was conducted on 30 diaphyseal femoral fracture patients aged 05-15 years treated with Titanium elastic nailing with the aim to assess the functional outcome of such cases in western Rajasthan scenario. It was found that. average time of union was found 6.33 weeks, average period of full weight bearing was 7.66 weeks and with average time 6.4 weeks. So it conclude that fracture of femur treated with Titanium Elastic Nailing has very good results that Titanium Elastic Nailing is an ideal device to treat pediatric femoral shaft fractures between age group 5-15 years.

Keywords: Femoral shaft fractures, diaphyseal femoral fracture, Titanium elastic nailing, Functional outcomes.

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