Production of Vermicompost from Rose Flower Petal Wastes

Abstract The flower waste obtained from markets and temples could be effectively utilized for vermicomposting and production of good quality vermicompost. Eudrilus eugeniae species is good for vermicomposting of flower waste at shorter time period. The results obtained proved that 30% inclusion of flower waste along with cow dung gives good yield of vermicompost. Eudrilus eugeniae does not require soil for habitation. Provision of good quality cow dung enhances the water holding and nutrient supplying capacity. Maximum temperature (27.96oC) was recorded in VT6 and pH ranged between 7.58 and 8.76 in all treatments. VT6 treatment also showed the maximum electrical conductivity (3.94 mhos/cm). 42.50% of Organic Carbon was observed in VT2. A high concentration of N (0.59%) was found in VT5 treatment and phosphorous (0.68%) in VT4. The maximum weight of earthworm (3080 mg) was achieved in VT5 with a growth rate of 24 mg/worm/day. High yield of vermicompost (1422gm/2kg of substrate) was also obtained in VT5 treatment. The present study revealed that the temperature at a range of 260C, pH 7.5 to 8 and moisture content of 49 to 50% were the ideal parameters to activate metabolic activity, cocoon production and reproductive action of Eudrillus eugeniae..

Keywords— Earthworm, Eudrillus, Vermicomposting, Flower wastes, Rosa berberia.

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International Journal of Environmental and Agriculture Research (IJOEAR)

ISSN: 2454-1850

Digital Object Identifier DOI: 10.25125/agriculture-journal

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