Profile of Lower Limb Amputees attended at a tertiary care Hospital: A Descriptive study

Dr. Battilal Jadeja,¹ Dr. Afifa Zafer2, Dr. Rajeswari Jindal3 and Dr. Kusum Gaur4  

Abstract— Amputation is one of the major causes of permanent disability. In addition, amputation can often be associated with anxiety, isolation and depression which may change the social and free time activities of the person with lower limb amputation. So this present study was conducted to know profile of lower limb amputees this study was conducted on 500 lower limb amputees in attendees of PMR Department of SMS Medical College, Jaipur (Rajasthan) India. In this present study mean age of amputees was 39.7 years with age range 18-60 years and males predominate over females to 9 times. Rural background amputees slightly predominate in number over urban background amputees. Hindu predominate in number over Muslim to 8.6times. religion 10.2%. About 2/3 of amputees were married while 28.8% were unmarried in this present study. Majority (92.2%) of amputees had unilateral only7.8% were bilateral. Majority (82.8%) of amputees were either illiterate or educated upto secondary and above secondary were only18.2%. Majority ( 57.6%) of the amputees had agricultural related work and only 0.4% of amputees were engaged in professional occupation. About 50% of amputees were either smoker or tobacco chewer and alcohol user were reported only 9.6%. In the present study it was observation that the most common cause of lower limb amputees was trauma (81%) followed by vascular disease (15.6%), diabetes mellitus (3.2%) and bone cancer (0.2%).

Key words: Amputation, lower limb amputees, Physical Medical Rehabilitation (PMR)

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