Review Article: Effect of Biochar on Growth and Yield of Agricultural Produce

Abstract Biochar is a boon for agricultural crops. Biochar is baked biomass that you can add to soil. It is a biomass that is thermally altered in the absence of oxygen, it is baked and not burned and flammable gasses are released (hydrogen, carbon dioxide). Heat transforms plant carbon (found in the cellulose and lignin) into fused aromatic carbon rings that are very stable. Biochar are made from different feedstocks at different physical and chemical properties. In carbon cycle almost all of the carbon returns to the air. Green plants remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere via photosynthesis and convert it into biomass. Virtually all of that carbon is returned to the atmosphere when the plants die and decay, or immediately if the biomass is burned as a renewable substitute for the fossil fuels. While in the biochar cycle up to half of the carbon is sequestered, green plants removed and sequestered as biochar, while the other half is converted to renewable energy co- products before being returned to the atmosphere. Biochar retains soil moisture of the agricultural field. Worms loves biochar, it works best when composted with other organic matter before adding to garden soil. This allows life to colonize the biochar. Biochar composted with animal manure, it is inoculated with compost tea. Biochar composted with food waste and bokashi (anaerobic lactobacillus fermentation). Other activities include minerals, NPK, fungi, worm castings, fish emulsion, urea, etc. biochar can be added to soils to improve fertility. Reduces emissions from the biomass. Improves the water quality and quantity. Helps to improve the agricultural productivity. Valuable resource reduces the forest fires. Value added product for urban and rural agriculture and forest communities.

Keywords— Biochar, Biomass, Green plants, Agricultural, Carbon, Sequestered.

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Agriculture Journal: Review Article: Effect of Biochar on Growth and Yield of Agricultural Produce

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