The Influence Of Socio-Economic Characteristics on Consumers’ Preference on Fish Purchase In Yola North Local Government Area, Adamawa State

Abstract The study examined the influence of socio-economic characteristics on consumer’s preference on fish purchase in Yola North local government area of Adamawa state. Data from the study were obtained using a well-structured questionnaire administered randomly to 100 consumers out of which 99 were retrieved. Multiple Regressions was used as a tool to examine the influence of socio-economic characteristics on consumer preference on fish purchase. The result of the study revealed that majority of the consumers who prefer fish were between the ages of 41-50; 48.48% were males, 51.52%were females. Majority (78.79%) of consumers were married. The results further revealed that the consumers had attended one form of formal education or the other. 21.2%had secondary education, 77.8% had tertiary education, while 1.0% had other form education. Analysis of the consumers’ household size revealed that 44.4% were found to be between 4-6 persons. An analysis of consumers’ preference for fish was found in the study. Results revealed that 16.2% purchased their fish from wholesalers, 76.8% from retailers and 5% from importers. 2% purchase from other source. Most of the fish purchased were both fresh and smoked fish (47.5%). Results also showed that the average monthly income of the consumers were 58.6% (51,000>) and 67.7% of the consumers like at least very much to eat fish. The regression analysis gave an R2 of 88.01% and the independent variable X1 (Age), X3 (educational level), X4 (income) and X5 (household size) were positively significant and affect the amount spent on fish. The study also revealed that income, availability of fish and good storage facility were factors limiting consumers’ preference for fish in the study area. Recommendations on the study was that infrastructural facilities should be made available, and fish farmers should be supported by providing them with some incentives to encourage them to produce more to meet the increasing demand of the teeming population.

Keywords: consumer, preference, fish, socio-economic

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The Influence Of Socio-Economic Characteristics on Consumers’ Preference on Fish Purchase

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