Trimaran Fishing Vessel Development: A Review of Vessel Power, Safety and Comfort Needs

Abstract In general, fishing fleets operating in Maluku waters and managed by local entrepreneurs consist of mono hull fishing vessels (such as purse seines, etc.) and trimaran in chart form. These two types of fishing fleets have been known to the people of Maluku for a long time. However, these two types each have their advantages and limitations, for example, mono hull fishing boats have limited deck space and poor transverse stability, especially in bumpy sea conditions in extreme weather. While the trimaran type has better deck space and transverse stability than a mono hull ship, but because it is still in chart form, it has limited space. The shortcomings that exist in these two types of fishing fleets are coupled with the expertise or experience of fishermen which has minimal impact on the decrease in the catch and what is worse can be fatal to accidents and the sinking of ship arma. To increase the catch of fisheries, it is necessary to have a means and a reliable fishing fleet. This study aims to examine the development of trimaran fishing vessels in terms of the study of energy needs, safety and comfort for the captain and crew during fishing operations. The initial stage of this research begins with data analysis and the principal size of mono hull fishing vessels operating in Maluku waters, from this data the hull form of a trimaran vessel is designed with an area similar to or close to the area of ​​a monohull fishing vessel operating in Maluku waters using maxsurf, then analyzed the calculation of obstacles. ship and stability to assess the energy needs and safety and comfort of the ship during fishing operations. This research is focused on analyzing the energy requirements, safety and comfort of the trimaran fishing vessel. The final result of this research is expected to be used as an alternative fishing boat to increase the fish catch of fishermen which will have an impact on the income and welfare of fishermen.

Keywords Trimaran Fishing Vessel, Resistance, Power, Safety, Comfort.

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Engineering Journal: Trimaran Fishing Vessel Development: A Review of Vessel Power, Safety and Comfort Needs

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