Assessment of Willingness for Organ Donation: A cross-sectional descriptive study

Abstract—Organ donation is very important action by which a life can be saved, so it is advisable to determine fill the formalities for organ donation at least at the time of death. But due to lack of awareness along with myths and misconceptions add to the low percentage of organ donation in India. So this descriptive study was carried out on 815 more than 18 year aged participants with the aim to assess the willingness for organ donation in participants with reasons for willingness as well as for unwillingness. It was found willingness for donate their organ were only in 50.4% of participants whereas 20.9% did not want to donate and 28.7% did not decide. The most common reason found for willingness in this study was ‘I could save many life from donating my body’ i.e. in 80.8% followed by ‘After death I will be alive’ response (51.5%), ‘It’s saintly work’ response (50.6%), ‘Society will be benefited’ response in 42.2% and ‘On being motivated by media and people ‘ response in 35.8% of participants. And when reasons for not willing to donate their organ was discovered in this study, it was found that majority (55.9%) could not explain any reason for that while 17.1% were feared that family and doctors will not save them, 14% said that family members will sell their organ (14.0%) and few (12.9%) said that it’s against my religion. It can be observed that a quantifiable (35.8%) of participants were motivated for willingness for organ donation through media and people are having myths regarding organ donation. So to promote organ donation, awareness for organ donation and its related issues should be encouraged through various medias.

Keywords: Organ Donation, Willingness.

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Medical Journal: Assessment of Willingness for Organ Donation: A cross-sectional descriptive study

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