IJOER: June 2019

Engineering Journal: published its volume-5, Issue-6, June 2019 with AD Publications

A Quasi Experimental Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme on Knowledge of Primary School Teachers Regarding Selected Emotional and Behavioural Disorders of Children in Selected School of Karauli District Rajasthan

Abstract The finding of the present study were analyzed and discussed with finding of similar studies. This helped the investigator to prove that the findings were true and the planned teaching programme was effective in improving knowledge of Primary School Teachers. It included statement, objective, assumption, hypothesis and tool used for the study and findings.

The study made use of a quasi- experimental approach with one group pre-test and post-test design. The population of the study consisted of Primary School Teachers at selected school of Alwar. Convenient sampling technique was utilized to select 158 Primary School Teachers based on certain pre-determined criteria.

Keywords— Emotional behavior disorder, behavioral disorder, karauli district study, children early age growth, children behavior, health care of children.

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Free-Radical Nonbranched-Chain Hydrogen Oxidation

Abstract New reaction scheme is suggested for the initiated nonbranched-chain addition of hydrogen atoms to the multiple bond of the molecular oxygen. The scheme includes the addition reaction of the hydroperoxyl free radical to the oxygen molecule to form the hydrotetraoxyl free radical which is relatively low-reactive and inhibits the chain process by shortening of the kinetic chain length. This reaction competes with chain propagation reactions through a hydrogen atom. Based on the proposed scheme rate equations (containing one to three parameters to be determined directly) are deduced using quasi-steady-state treatment. The kinetic description with use the obtained rate equations is applied to the γ-induced nonbranched-chain process of the free-radical oxidation of hydrogen dissolved in water containing different amounts of oxygen at 296 K. The ratio of rate constants of competing reactions and the rate constant of the addition reaction to the molecular oxygen are defined. In this process the oxygen with the increase of its concentration begins to act as an oxidation autoinhibitor (or an antioxidant), and the rate of hydrogen peroxide formation as a function of the dissolved oxygen concentration has a maximum. From the energetic standpoint possible nonchain pathways of the free-radical oxidation of hydrogen and the routes of ozone decay via the reaction with the hydroxyl free radical (including the addition yielding the hydrotetraoxyl free radical) in the Earth’s upper atmosphere were considered.

Keywords competition, hydrogen, low-reactive hydrotetraoxyl free radical, thermochemical data, energy.

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Zig-zag theories differently accounting for layerwise effects of multilayered composites

AbstractThis paper essays the effects of the choice of through-thickness representation of variables and of zig-zag functions within a general theory by the authors from which the theories considered are particularized. Characteristic feature, coefficients are calculated using symbolic calculus, so to enable an arbitrary choice of the representation. Such choice and that of zig-zag functions is shown to be always immaterial whenever coefficients are recalculated across the thickness by enforcing the fulfillment of elasticity theory constraints. Assigning a specific role to each coefficient is shown immaterial. Moreover, the order of representation of displacements can be freely exchanged with one another and, most important, zig-zag functions can be omitted if part of coefficients are calculated enforcing the interfacial stress field compatibility. Vice versa, accuracy of theories that only partially satisfy constraints, is shown to be strongly dependent upon the assumptions made. Applications to laminated and soft-core sandwich plates and beams having different length-to-thickness ratios, different material properties and thickness of constituent layers, various boundary conditions and distributed or localized loading are presented. Solutions are found in analytic form assuming the same trial functions and expansion order for all theories. Numerical results show which simplifications are yet accurate and therefore admissible.

KeywordsComposite and sandwich plates, zig-zag theories, interlaminar transverse shear/normal stress continuity, localized and distributed loadings, FEA 3-D elastostatic solutions.

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