IMJ Health : November 2017

Medical Journal: Published volume-3, Issue-11, November 2017 with ad publications

A study of reproductive health, mental health & addictions among adolescents in Margao City of Goa

Abstract—Reproductive health development depends on the menstrual hygiene in adolescence. Half of all mental health disorders in adulthood start during adolescence. Drug, alcohol and tabacco use is major concern in this group. This study was conducted to study the reproductive health, mental health and various addictions in urban adolescent. This cross sectional study was conducted among 506 adolescents from standard 9th and 10th in a high school in Margao city of South Goa district in year 2015. For this study, 506 participants sampled by census method were interviewed by using a pretested, structured questionnaire. The mean age of study participants i.e. in girls it was 16.30 years & in boys it was observed 16.43 years. 85.4% of the study participants experienced one of the feelings of being anxious, sad, irritable or stressed, 74.4% of the study participants experienced feelings suggestive of psychosomatic disorder and 48.4% participants felt they were good for nothing. 58.1% had normal cycles of 21-35 days while 30.7% and 11.2% of the girls had cycles of < 21 days & 36-60 days respectively. 49.2% experienced mild symptoms of dysmenorrhoea, equal percentage experienced moderate symptoms and 1.6% experienced severe dysmenorrhoea. 40.4% had curdy white vaginal discharge, 5.5% had greenish yellow discharge and 19.8% had blood stained vaginal discharge. 5.5% of the adolescents smoked.1.2% of the participants chewed Gutkha. 26.5% had consumed alcohol & 3.8% had tried drugs. The study shows that adolescents faces various problems for which they need to be addressed.

Key Words: Reproductive Health, Menstrual Hygiene, Mental Health, Addictions, Urban Adolescent.

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Isolated Medial Rectus Cysticercosis mimicking pre-septal cellulitis: A Case Report

Abstract— Man is the intermediate host in the life cycle of the pork tapeworm Taenia solium. Its larval form Cysticercus cellulosae is the causative agent of cysticercosis. Both intraocular and extra ocular cysticercosis are observed in tropical countries like India. A case of extra ocular cysticercosis is reported here. An eight year old female patient who was brought to emergency department with pain and swelling around peri-orbital region, diminution of vision along with ptosis in left eye. CT scan showed scolex of Taenia solium in left medial rectus muscle. The patient recovered completely with oral albendazole steroids for four weeks. So a case with pain and swelling around peri-orbital region, diminution of vision along with ptosis in left eye should be investigated for cysticercosis.

Keywords: Taeniasis, Extra ocular Cysticercosis, Medial Rectus, Peri-Orbital Region.

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Association of Age and sex with Episodes of Acute Illness in Geriatric population of Jaipur

Abstract Elderly population is increasing due to demographic shift in favor of geriatric population. This age group is susceptible for many health problems. So this cross-sectional study was carried out from September 2009 to August 2010 on 1620 elderly residing in Municipal corporation area of Jaipur city with the aim to study episodes of acute illness and its associating factors. Study population consist of 1620 elderly with M:F ratio 0.95. Mean age of elderly was 66.08 years with slight female predominance i.e. 1048 females for 1000 males in Jaipur city. It can be concluded from this study that 44.37% of elderly had one or more episodes of acute illness in last one month. These numbers of episodes of acute illness in last one month was found more in males and in older age groups.

Key words- Elderly, Geriatric, Acute Illness, Age & Sex association.

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