IJOER: September 2019

Engineering Journal: published its volume-5, Issue-9, September 2019 with AD Publications

Modeling and Monitoring the Experimental Implant for Measuring the Ethanol Concentration

AbstractIn this set of experiments we have tried to monitor a system of three reactors placed in series through experimental measurements of the ethanol concentration, temperature, flow and pressure at the outlet of system. We compared the results when the system has different metallic tubes used between vessels. For each set of experiments, we have used tubes with 6 and 8 mm diameter because they influence the pressure drop in our system.

Keywords Continuous system, Ethanol concentration, flow, pressure and temperature parameters.

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Tannic Acid-Terminated Poly(Propylene Oxide) as Efficient Dispersant for Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube to Prepare Highly Conductive Composites

AbstractIn this study, multi-functional tannic acid (TA) was incorporated with soft poly(propylene oxide) (PPO) chain to result in a TA-terminated JTA polymer, in which the TA terminals impart reversible aromatic p-p and hydrogen bond (H bond) interactions to JTA polymer. Moreover, the aromatic TA terminals of JTA can preferably bind to the surface carbon rings of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) to result in JCTx composites containing large amounts (up to 96 wt%) of MWCNTs. The sorption isotherm study indicated a two-step sorption mechanism of the sorbed JTA on MWCNT. Dependent on the MWCNT content, JCTx composites can be healable elastomers with high fracture strain (up to 700%) or plastics with outstanding conductivity (up to 1.21×106 m-1). Experimental mechanical modulus and conductivity of JCTx also were approached by the theoretical Kolarik model and scaling law, respectively. The result was explained in term of morphological arrangement of the MWCNT, evaluated from scanning and transmission) electron microscopies in JTA matrix. This study provided theoretical evaluation of highly MWCNT-loaded composites.

KeywordsTannic acid, MWCNT, carbon material dispersion, p-p stacking, hydrogen bonding, conductive composite, Kolarik model, scaling law.

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Features of some interacting tropical cyclones in the Indian Ocean after the Mount Pinatubo eruption

Abstract The features of the impact of some tropical cyclones (TC) in the Indian Ocean on the environment after the eruption of Mount Pinatubo are considered. The 1992 North Indian Ocean cyclone season was unofficially the most active year on record for the basin, with 13 TC developing. It was shown that TC-05B, closing the chain of 10 TC before its destruction over the North Bay of Bengal, showed anomalous thunderstorm activity and contributed to the emergence of TC Aviona in South Indian Ocean. The strongest in season-92 TC-10B and TC Forrest, apparently, caused an earthquake in the Indian Ocean. At the same time, the strongest typhoons Hunt and Gay from 1979 to 2015 simultaneously developing in the Pacific Ocean caused the Burma Plate earthquake. Experimental data of anomalous features of the ionosphere during these events were obtained using the satellite Cosmos-1809.

Keywords Indian Ocean, Tropical Cyclone, Pinatubo.

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Novel Combinative Structure of High-Performance Solar Steam Device derived from Areca Nut

AbstractA novel combinative structure, consisting of lateral hydrophobic pontoon oAN and central hydrophilic evaporator iAN, was designed for high-performance solar steam device. Both oAM and the iAN were derived from areca nut (AN), through different thermal and surface chemical treatments. With inferior water absorption and evaporation efficiency, the pontoon oAN nevertheless provides footage for the entire device, in contrast, although being efficient in water adsorption and evaporation, iAN requires the supporting oAN to keep its buoyancy. We therefore combined advantages of oAN and iAn to assemble a solar steam device with long-term stability and high solar thermal efficiency of ∼82% under 1-sun illumination. The idea using combinative structure as efficient solar steam device can be further extended to other potential systems, therefore, this study provided foundation for future development of novel solar steam devices. importance.

KeywordsSolar steam generation, areca nut, pontoon, supporter, combinative structure.

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Discussion on Inexact Optimal Solution under Fuzzy Environment

AbstractThe purpose of this paper is to explain that a convex combination of several partial solutions using a new criterion which did not solve the fuzzy problem. The main feature of this paper is twofold. First, we prepare a simple optimization problem to explain the previously proposed approach that considered criteria separately. Consequently, we conclude, previous results are partial solutions. Secondly, we study the same optimization problem as the one that appears in a previously published paper. After his new criterion is added, we solve the new fuzzy optimization problem to demonstrate that the previous solution is not the optimal one. Hence, the previously proposed approach is questionable and then his assertion of the meaninglessness of the exact optimal solution for the fuzzy problem cannot be treated as a valid statement. At last, we cite a paper that had referred to the questionable approach which had been improved by another published article to support our argument.

Keywords—Fuzzy set, decision making, optimization, genetic algorithms, linear programming.

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Discussion of two motivations provided by Sphicas 2006

AbstractWe discuss two motivations proposed by Sphicas (2006). First, after Lin (2019), we provide another partition for the feasible domain to show that there are at least three partitions to point out that the first motivation of Lin (2019) is not sufficient to support his solution procedure. For the second motivation of Sphicas (2006), we provide a detailed examination from the algebraic point of view to claim that his second motivation containing severe questionable results. We suggest researchers presenting a primitive algebraic method for inventory models with fixed and linear backorder costs.

Keywords—Inventory models, algebraic method, fixed backorder cost, linear backorder cost.

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Discussion on Weighted Similarity Measure under Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets Environment

Abstract We analytically show that the findings of pattern recognition problems with weighted similarity measures under intuitionistic fuzzy sets environment that is dominated by relative weights of elements in the universe of discourse for the discrete case and the weighted function for the continuous case. In the past, researchers focus on constructing new similarity measures or developing new algorithms applying their similarity measures. Hence, previous results depended on a special weight to decide the pattern of the sample that may be required further considerations. How to select a proper weight will be an important issue for researchers in the future when deal with pattern recognition problems.

Keywords Pattern recognition, intuitionistic fuzzy sets, similarity measure.

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