IMJ Health : May 2018

Medical Journal: Published volume-4, Issue-5, May 2018 with ad publications

Health and physical development problems in undergraduate students and comparison of opinion between males and females regarding helpfulness of guidance and counselling services to cope with their health and physical development problems

Abstract— Adolescent health and physical development problems are important issue in student life; there are many helpful services to cope with these problems. This study was conducted on 240 students (120 males and 120 females) to know their health and physical development problems and to compare the response of males & females for helpfulness of guidance and counselling services to help them to cope with their health and physical development problems. Study was done at Rajamagala University of Technology Thanyaburi, Pathum Tani Province, Thailand. This study used the Mooney Problem Checklist, College Form which contains 30 statements and the six scales of guidance and counselling service namely Individual and Group Counselling, Consulting, Guidance, Coordination, Assessment, and 3 Personal Growth and Development. Study population was randomly selected 240 undergraduate students from eight difference faculties’ v.i.z. Agricultural Technology, Business Administration, Engineering, Fine and Applied Arts, Home Economics Technology, Liberal Arts, Science and Technology, and Technical Education. This study observed that out of 120 male Thai undergraduate students, 113 (94.2%) male students said that they have troubled with their feet. Otherwise, 119 (99.2%) female students argued that they have not as strong healthy as they should be and they have had poor complexion or skin trouble (N = 120).The result of t-test analysis showed that there was a significant different between Thai male and female students on the helpfulness of individual and group counselling service (N = 120, t (118) =0.903, p = 0.015) consultation service (N = 120, t (118) = 0.983, p<0.001), guidance service (N = 120, t (118) = 0.903, p = 0.015), coordination service (N = 120, t (118) = 0.744, p = 0.017), assessment service (N = 120, t (118) = 0.969, p = 0.002), and personal growth and development service (N = 120, t (118) = 0.902, p = 0.015) provided by the guidance counsellor in helping undergraduate students to cope with their health and physical development problems at a significant level of 0.05.

Keywords: Guidance and Counselling Services, Health and Physical Development Problems, Undergraduate Students.

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A comparative analysis of first trimester medical abortion in cases with previously scarred and non-scarred uterus: A case control study

Abstract—In recent years, termination of pregnancy has also become more common procedure due to intensive development of medicines and increasing demand for such procedures. In previously scarred uterus the use of medical abortion regimen could avoid severe complications such as uterine perforation, cervical laceration and other physical and psychological trauma which are caused by surgical termination of pregnancy. This prospective study was conducted in Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, J.L.N. Medical College, Ajmer from December 2015 to November 2017 to compare the efficacy, safety and acceptability of medical abortion in previously scarred and non-scarred uterus. For this study 75 women were included of amenorrhoea < 49 days with previous one or two LSCS (Lower segment cesarean section) and 75 women with no LSCS (primi and multipara with prior normal delivery). Regime which was used in this study was tab. Mifepristone 200 mg followed by Misoprostol 600µgm were given to them. Follow up was done at day 14 using sonography. The overall success rate for complete abortion in group I was 88% and that of group II was 89.3%.Total proportion of incomplete abortion was 9.33% in group I as compared to 8% in group II and continuation of pregnancy occurred 2.67% in both the groups during the entire study period. Thus there was no significant difference in efficacy of medicines in achieving abortion in scared and non-scared uterus. So early medical abortion represents an important method in previous scarred uterus patients having unwanted pregnancy. These regimens offer the prospect of a more private, less intrusive form of abortion that is both safe and effective.

Keywords: Medical abortion, Scarred uterus, Non-scarred uterus, Mifepristone, Misoprostol.

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Tribological Examination of Calcium alginate – UHMWPE blends

Abstract Continuing our previous researches on UHMWPE (Ultra-High- Molecular-Weight Polyethylene) based implant material and its fusion with Ca-alginate, we describe new methods for preparing Ca-alginate blended UHMWPE samples and how we extended the testing of the prepared samples. If sufficient content of Ca-alginate can be achieved and the Calcium-alginate blended UHMWPE can be made, it might lead to an implant material which can promote bone formation. Earlier result shows that the Calcium–alginate contentwill be formed in the structure of UHMWPE. Using our new modified methods we can make polyethylene samples with sufficiently tough alginate content which can withstand washing and sterilization as that is shown in the paper. Since we had modified the UHMWPE specimens with Ca-alginates we carried out different types of wear testing on the prepared samples.

Keywords UHMWPE, Na-alginate, Ca-alginate.

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Microbiological survey of the bathing water of moroccan beaches from Mehdia to Skhirat

Abstract—The Moroccan coastline occupies a privileged place at the level of the entire coastline of the African continent. The quality of bathing water is a criterion increasingly demanded by the general public for the choice of its holiday resorts. Main objective of this present study is to find out the status of to find status of bathing water through physicochemical and microbiological examination.

Sampling was done from 8 beaches of Kenitra Mehdia, Nations, Rabat-Sale, Harhoura, Temara, Golden Sand, Val D’or and the beach of Skhirate Amphitrite. Bacteriological evaluations were done & presence of feacal Coliforms and/or Streptococci was considered as indicative of faecal pollution. Enumeration of faecal Coliforms and faecal Streptococci was done by filter membrane method on nutrient media Tergitol7 Agar, Litskey, Slanetz & Bartley. In addition to microbiological sampling of water, temperature and pH of the water were measured “in situ”. Data related to the tide (high or low) and populations were collected.

Regarding bacterial load of beaches in present study it was found that at Mehdia beach, Nations beach, Rabat-Sale beach, Temara beach, Harhoura beach, Sable D’or beach and at Skhirat beach the contamination standard is exceeded in 30% of samples for CF and 20% for SF, 10% for CF and 0% for SF, 100% of the samples for CF and 70% for SF, 50% for CF and in none (0%) for SF, 20% for CF and 10% for SF, 30% for CF and 10% for SF and 40% for CF and 10% for SF respectively. But at Val D’or beach in none of sample exceed the guide value (VG) for faecal Coliform and fecal Streptococci. So the beaches of the Nations, Harhoura and Val D’or are classified A. The beaches of Mehdia, Temara, Golden Sand and Skhirat with medium quality waters are classified B. Only the beach of Rabat-Sale was found polluted and classified in category C.

Keywords: Coastline Pollution, Microbiology, Coliforms, Streptococci, Morocco.

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