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Engineering Journal IJOER June 2016

The Fortification’s Feasibility of the Butter by the Polyphenols Present in the Olive Waste

Abstract In spite of their polluting nature, the olive mill wastewater is considered as a very rich source on natural antioxidants specially polyphenols.

In this study, the polyphenols were extracted from the olive pomace and the olive mill wastewater in order to promote them as a natural antioxidants and to compare its with a synthetic antioxidant β-carotene. Those polyphenolswill be added to the butter. To quickly assess the effect of polyphenols on the stability of the butter, we conducted an accelerated oxidation. Then the butter was placed under storage conditions in an oven (accelerated test at 60 °C) for 28 days. The evolution of the oxidation state was measured by the peroxide value and acidity. The results showed that the butter containing antioxidants have undergone oxidative damage less pronounced than that of the reference (no additives).

Keywords predicting, survey & Research.

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Optimal design of steel and composite vessels with tube branch joint

Abstract – This paper presents a unified methodology of combining heuristic fuzzy design and FEM verification to design optimally vessels with a branch joint. This method is applicable to steels and composites. Background for this study is the recognized need for constructing vessels with branch tubes needed for processing liquids and gases with minimal ecological and maintenance problems. The methodology of fuzzy optimum design is used. The goals and constrains are expressed in a consistent formulation. First, design variables like wall thickness are defined discretely within ranges. Then decision variables are formulated like cost and safety factors. The total goal is maximization of the end user satisfaction on the design. It is product of satisfaction functions of decision variables. The stresses are calculated by reasonable free body models and notch factors. Two steels are studied, a basic low strength steel (LS) and a high strength steel (HS). At low pressure p=0.1 MPa the LS vessel is 4.2 times more satisfactory than the HS vessel. At higher pressure p=1 the LS vessel is 0.4 times less satisfactory than HS vessel. An analytical stress result agrees reasonably with FEM results at a test pressure. The optimal choice depends not only on economics and technology but also on the societal and environmental changes and megatrends. This methodology can be used to explore novel concepts.

Keywords: pressure vessel, fuzzy optimum design, steels, fatigue.

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Deformation and Detachment of Crude Oil Droplet in the Presence of Different Concentration of Surfactant from Solid Substrate

Abstract Previously the deformation and detachment of carbon tetrachloride droplet was studied in presence of different concentration of surfactant from solid substrate and it was found that carbon tetra chloride droplet detached partially. Now the work has been carried forward and deformation and detachment of crude oil droplet in the presence of different concentration of surfactant from solid substrate is studied also the effect of temperature on the deformation and detachment of crude oil is observed.

Keywords Droplets, Detachment, Deformation, Crude Oil, Surfactant.

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Performance Evaluation of Solar Parabolic Trough Collector with Stainless Steel Sheet as a Reflector

Abstract This paper was concerned with an experimental study of parabolic trough concentrator designed and constructed. A parabolic trough solar collector uses Stainless steel sheet in the shape of parabolic cylinder to reflect and concentrate sun radiations towards an absorber tube made of G.I pipe located at the focus line of the parabolic trough collector. The receiver tube absorbs the incoming radiation and transforms them into thermal energy, the latter being transported and collected by a fluid medium circulating within the absorber tube. This experimental study, includes design, construction and testing the performance of PTC, at various parameters.

Keywords Absorber tube, G.I Pipe, Parabolic Trough collector, Reflector, Stainless steel sheet.

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Fabrication of Bicycle Parts for Water Lifting System

Abstract In this paper we are going to develop and fabricate the parts which are to be used in water lifting system using bicycle. As we all are very well know various types of system for water lifting. We are also known about their advantages and disadvantages. In all this paper is used for the remote areas where electricity is not available and lifting of water is very difficult. It also used for the person who does not get time for exercise. It is very simple method to lift the water from ground level to the various heights. It is very simple in design and required less space. Electricity is not required here. Also maintenance cost is very low. When the cycle not is use, we can use as a normal cycle as all the parts which are to be used in lifting water is bolted in bicycle. Fabrication is done with the help of design calculations. And fabricate only those parts which are to be used in lifting water. As parts fabrication is not very critical and less expensive.

Keywords Belt, Pulley, Gears, Bicycle, Pump.

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Exploring the Possibility of using E-glass /Epoxy in the design of single toggle jaw crusher

Abstract Jaw crusher is a kind of size reduction machine that is wide utilized in mineral, aggregates and metallurgy fields. The interaction between jaw plates and material particles brings the inevitable and high wear to the jaw plates throughout the jaw crusher operation, that not only decreases the efficiency, however also will increase the price and also the energy consumption of the jaw crusher. Obtained results from the kinematic analysis of the moving jaw and also the crushing force distribution analysis, the jaw plates wear is analyzed on a macroscopical level. It’s useful to design the crusher for improved performance. Efforts to decrease energy consumed in crushing have cause thought of decreasing the weight of the swing plate of jaw crushers. Design of lighter weight jaw crusher would require a lot of precise accounting of the stress and deflections within the crushing plates than is available with ancient technique. The objective of this project is to present modeling and analysis of single toggle jaw crusher and comparison of deformation and stress, load and weight savings results between manganese steel single toggle jaw crusher and composite single toggle jaw crusher under same conditions. This study gives information about the replacement of manganese steel jaw crusher with composite jaw crusher made of E glass/epoxy. The single toggle jaw crusher is to be solid modeled in proE and analysis is to be carried out by using ANSYS workbench13 for effective comparison.

Keywords single toggle jaw crusher, manganese steel, E glass/Epoxy, stiffeners, Auto CAD, ANSYS 13.0

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Economic Load Dispatch Using Multi Verse Optimization

Abstract This paper presents Multi Verse optimization (MVO) technique to solve convex economic load dispatch (ELD) problem. Multi Verse Optimization (MVO) is a new meta-heuristic. The MVO algorithm is inspired from three terms white hole, black hole, and wormhole in the space. To perform exploration, exploitation, and local search, respectively white hole, black hole, and wormhole are mathematical modeled. The objective of ELD problem is to minimize the total cost of generation meeting the linear and non linear constraints and to supply load demand. The proposed technique is applied for solving the ELD supplying different load demands to two different test problems and after that MVO is applied for solving the ELD considering effects of valve point loading to another two different test problems. At the end of this paper, the results obtained from MVO for solving ELD problem were compared with other well known existing methods which show MVO better than other techniques.

Keywords MVO, economic load dispacth, transmission loss.

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Accelerating String Matching Algorithms on Multicore Processors

Abstract String matching is the most computation-intensive process in many applications, such as network intrusion detection system, web searching and biological matching. The Aho-Corasick algorithm is the most popular string matching algorithm because of its ability to use one thread to match all patterns in parallel. In our previous work, we propose a string matching algorithm called Parallel Failureless Aho-Corasick algorithm to parallelize the traditional Aho-Corasick algorithm by adopting multiple threads on graphic processing units. Due to the advancing technology of multi-core processors, in this paper, we accelerate the Parallel Failureless Aho-Corasick algorithm on multi-core processors using multi-threaded implementation. Experimental results show that for processing large scale of inputs and patterns, the Parallel Failureless Aho-Corasick algorithm performing on multi-core processors delivers throughput up to 33 Gbps, 4 times faster than the traditional multi-threaded Aho-Corasick algorithm. Both the performance and scalability of the Parallel Failureless Aho-Corasick algorithm is improved on multi-core processors.

Keywords string matching, parallel processing, Aho-Corasick, multi-core.

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Study on preservation of mango nectar using electric current and UV rays

Abstract The use of continues time of electric current field had more effect on preservation of mango nectar (by decreasing the microorganisms) than non-continues time. It was found that continues current field (5 minutes) exhibited a change in the color of mango nectar to become more browning than non-continues time of electric current field. By increasing electric current strength and the volt to be 220 it lead to more preservation. A clear decrease in the microorganisms was observed by increasing the exposure time of electric current field. Also the exposing of mango nectar by UV ray with high stirring led to a pronounced decrease in the total count of microorganisms (bacteria, molds and yeasts) without any change in the temperature degrees. studying the rheological properties of mango nectar led to a decrease in viscosity with increasing shear stress in different times resulting in a change consistency index and Flow behavior index of mango nectar.

Keywords Electric current field for food preservation, preservation of mango nectar by UV ray, rheological properties.

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Pharmacognostical and phytochemical studies of flowers from Talipariti elatum S.w

Abstract The flowers of Talipariti elatum, commonly named Blue Mahoe is used as antasthmatic and expectorant in phytotherapy, although the plants’ composition has not been determined in detail so far. Hence, the pharmacognostic and phytochemical investigations on Talipariti elatum S.w has been carried out in this research, for the development and utilization of the promising medicinal plant. The characteristic physicochemical values like total ashes (10.48 %), water soluble ashes (8.5 %), moisture content (10.85%) and extractable matterin ethanol (33,68 %). The ethanolic extract mainly contained flavonoids in the flowers, also contained triterpens and steroids, amino acids, tannins, anthocyanidins and absence of alkaloids, coumarins, saponins, quinones and cardiotonic glycosides.

Keywords Talipariti elatum, pharmacognostical identification, phytochemical, ethanolic extract.

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A Survey on approaches for predicting performance of students

Abstract The Paper focuses on predicting performance of students; we have considered different cases and analyzed the methods adopted in various cases by various authors. The main intension behind this survey is to understand latest Research methods adopted along with their results.

Educational Data Mining (EDM) is an emerging field exploring data in educational context by applying different Data Mining (DM) techniques/tools. EDM inherits properties from areas like Learning Analytics, Psychometrics, Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Machine learning, Statics, Database Management System, Computing and Data Mining. It can be considered as interdisciplinary research field which provides intrinsic knowledge of teaching and learning process for effective education.

In this Paper a survey has been carried out in three engineering colleges with an establishment of more than fifteen years, a total of two hundred and forty six students answered the questions and the reliability and validity of questionnaire was found to be good.

Keywords— predicting, survey & Research.

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Survey on Long-Term Product Planning and Requirements Prioritization to Customer Value Creation

Abstract Software development projects are subject to risks like any other project. Software development is subject to unique risks which can be mitigated through effective risk management techniques. Risks are unavoidable and must be managed. Successfully managing risks assists developers in completing the project on time and on budget. Strategies selected to manage risk may result in a better product than originally anticipated. Identifying, analyzing, tracking, and managing software risk aids crucial decision making including release readiness. Software project suffers from many problems like high computational cost, higher delay time in designing the projects, not meeting the actual need of the user, and many systems are being unutilized. These problems are solved using the software risk management which helps the software developer to identify, analyze, and accordingly deal with software risks items.

Software risk management is also an attempt to define and formulate the risk oriented connection of success into a definite set of methods and techniques. Global Software development is learning and individuals escalated action. Individuals in such gatherings must work together, convey, and coordinate their work, which makes learning management a need. Point of the fact, little and stable associations where workers are inside an arm’s compass of one another can most likely make without information management. In any case, for associations that are huge and appropriated, whose environment is consistently changing, or have a high turnover, dealing with their information stakes are basic for survival.

This Paper focuses on a pilot survey carried out at small software firms and results of employees are recorded and analyzed with help of IBM SPSS.

Keywords Risk Management, management & computational cost.

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Informational influence and ethnic myths as factors of enemy image’s formation

Abstract The number of ethnic conflicts increased several times during last decades (Ukraine, Karabakh, Syria). The article presents a research of one of the main factors of ethnical aggression – informational influence, which always has an aim of changing the behavior of a person. The ethnical conflicts are structured on the bases of informational influence, symbols and social myths, images of the hero and enemy which can determine the intensification of aggressive behavior of different social groups. First phase of our research was the content analysis of information, provided by mass media in Armenia in concrete time – 30.11.2015 till 30.12.2015.In this article we will focus only on one common topic awareness and the discussion of ideas that emerged as a result of it. According to our investigation, the first place, as a repetitive topic, belongs to “Armenian Genocide”. During our study almost every day there was a reference to media agenda (events, conferences, exhibitions, book presentations, churches speeches) dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the genocide. In one day the word “genocide” was repeated 13 times. On the second phase the method of free associations gave the chance to output the following characteristics of Enemy (the Turk and Azerbaijani, the traitor, the deceiver, the villain, the governor tyrant) in representations of respondents. So, the sources of formation of prototypes of the national hero and enemy are the history of people, ethnic myths and activity of mass media, etc.

Keywords informational influence, ethnical myth, national hero, enemy, mass media.

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GC-MS Determination of Volatile Compounds in Wine Using Needle Concentrator INCAT

AbstractThere are several methods for determining of volatile organic compounds in wine. All these sample preparation methods present several disadvantages, such as excessive cost, volume of sample and time, the possible generation of artefacts, etc. Previously developed simple method of solventless extraction of volatile organic compounds from liquid samples has been applied to wines samples. Inside needle capillary adsorption trap device (INCAT) with Carboxen 1000 as a sorbent material and wet alumina as a source of desorptive water vapour flow in a closed GC analytical system is presented. In relations to other extraction techniques used in wine analysis like liquid-liquid and solid-phase extraction, purge-and-trap, and solid-phase microextraction, the INCAT technique offers some advantages because it does not require solvent or any sample treatment, is fast, inexpensive, requires low sample volumes. The analytical characteristics of developed device and of compared purge-and-trap device for analysed samples are similar; the limits of detection as well as quantification are approx. 1 ng/l. The main advantage of INCAT device lies mainly in substantially lower price of analysis and the possibility of sampling directly in the field.

Keywords— GC-MS, needle concentrator INCAT, wine

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Failure Analysis of a Hot Forged SAE 4140 Steel Kingpin

Abstract The fifth wheel and kingpin connection system, a critical part of heavy vehicles, provides the link of tractor and trailer. The kingpin is usually manufactured by hot forging. A part manufactured by this process was assembled in a fifth wheel of an off-road truck and presented an early failure. The truck was used in a quarry until the kingpin failure, three months later. One process issue that can occur in hot forged products is a poor grain structure due to overheating, burning and cavitation. The Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) analysis of the failed part showed the presence of cavitation. However, the failure analysis results evinced that cavitation was not the main cause of the fracture, but a combination of wear, impact fatigue and overload.

Keywords cavitation, failure analysis, hot forged steel, kingpin, overload.

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Generalized ordered weighted power utility averaging operator and its applications to group decision-making

Abstract This paper develops a new operator called the generalized ordered weighted power utility averaging (GOWPUA) operator, which first introduces the risk attitude of decision makers (DMs) in the aggregation process. We study its properties and families. To determine the GOWPUA operator weights, we put forward an orness measure of the GOWPUA operator and analyze its properties. Considering that different DMs may have different perspectives towards decision-making, which can be characterized by different degrees of orness, we construct a new nonlinear optimization model to determine the optimal weights which can aggregate all the individual sets of weights into an overall set of weights. Finally, based on the GOWPUA operator, a method for multiple attribute group decision-making (MAGDM) is developed.

Keywords Multiple attribute group decision-making, Aggregation operator, Utility function, Orness.

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Prediction of catalytic residues from X-ray protein structure refinement parameters

AbstractCatalytic residue investigation is important for biologists to study protein functions. In previous studies, many researchers have successfully applied features, which were from sequence- and structure-based, to predict the position of catalytic residues in proteins. A highly correlation between atomic fluctuations and the catalytic positions have ever been observed. In this study, we were trying to investigate if this information was hidden in the X-ray diffraction data. The results from our test indicated the possibility to catch-up the catalytic residues in the protein structure refinement process.

KeywordsTLS refinement, Catalytic site prediction, B-factor.

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Energy Loss Analysis of 3D Asymmetric Trifurcations Using CFD

Abstract Head losses are very common in penstock trifurcations. In this paper, six cases of 3D asymmetric trifurcations have been modeled with main pipe length & diameter of 1.3716m & 0.0254m, respectively and branch pipe lengths & diameters of 0.762m & 0.0196m, respectively. Volumetric flow rates, velocity magnitudes, dynamic and total pressure contours and their values have been computed. Energy loss coefficients have been computed for branch pipes for an input air velocity of 3m/s by pressure data obtained from the CFD analysis. The maximum values of velocity magnitude, dynamic and total pressures are observed in the branch-2 and head losses in branch-2 are relatively less.

Keywords Head losses, Energy loss coefficients, 3D asymmetric trifurcations.

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