Atmospheric Deposition of Nitrogen compounds in Assam (India)

Abstract The study comprises estimate of wet deposited nitrogenous compounds in Assam (India). Deposition has been estimated from a survey works (2010-11) at urban and peri-urban areas of Assam. Air samples were collected by clinical syringe (10 cm3) for Oxides of Nitrogen (NO, NO2: NOx) and reduced Nitrogen (NH3, NH4+: NHy). The samples were diffused into 10 cm3 each of distilled water and 0.1N HCl respectively for estimation of mean concentration of weighted hydrogen (µeql-1), quantity of elemental nitrogen (N) or nitrate (NO3-1) and ammonium (NH4+) ions expressed in mg l-1 or kg ha-1y-1. The measured concentrations of the nitrogenous compounds were interpolated with a properly used Kriging Technique on a 1km x 1km grid covering districts characterised by varying congestions of population, vehicular transport and of industrial evidences. There were many fold variations of these air quality parameters among the major sites and locations of the pollutants e.g. nitrogen deposited through aerosol of its oxides ranged from 6.0-38 kg ha-1yr-1, whereas nitrogen accumulation from the reduced aerosol was 7-24 kg ha-1yr-1. Tissue nitrogen in some indicator plant species (e.g.Pinus longifolia, Ficus benjamina), collected from the square grids of polluted areas was also elevated. Thus, the hypothesis that the North-east India, especially Assam is also facing with enrichment of nitrogenous pollution due to anthropogenic activities, mass vehicular and industrial growth, was tested.

Keywords— Oxides of nitrogen, reduced nitrogen, weighted hydrogen, aerosols, pollution.

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Agriculture Journal::Atmospheric Deposition of Nitrogen compounds in Assam (India)

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