Biotermiticides to Protect the Soil Health

Abstract Chemical termiticides are hazardous to biotic and abiotic factors in the environment and hence banned in US and European countries but are still in use in developing countries. They are applied in huge quantity reaching to potable water ways, food, and fodder and killing soil microbiological components. It has been observed from the study that these hazardous termiticides can be replaced by ecofriendly and cheap Biotermiticides made from the plant based oils. Four tree borne oils (CNSL(50-100%), Neemseed oil(10-25%), Karanj seed oil(10-25%) and Markingnut oil(10-25%) and three chemicals Chlorpyrifos(10-50%), Coppernaphthenate(10-50%) and (Boric acid(10-50%) were used in different proportions to formulate CNSL based termiticides. Specimen samples were treated and exposed to termites for 60 days. The mass loss after 60 days was noted and results were analyzed. Chlorpyrifos and Coppernaphthenate 100% have shown better termite control property than boric acid. Commercial termiticides their own might be effective against termite but except Chlorpyrifos and other two have shown not much promising results in CNSL based formulation when compared with the oil formulations. It was observed that CNSL(50-80%) + NO (10-25%) + BSL(10-25%)  and CNSL(50-80%) + NO(10-25%) + KO(10-25%) formulations can act as an effective termiticides.  All four oils if used 100% have shown good resistant against termites.

Keywords CNSL- Cashew nut shell liquid, NO- Neemseed oil,  KO- Karanj oil, BSL- Bhilawan shell liquid.

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Agriculture Journal- Biotermiticides to Protect the Soil Health

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