Cellulases: suppliers of energy and basic compounds, so life

Abstract Cellulose is the main constituent of plants, serving to maintain their structure. Indeed, it is a major component of tough cell walls that surround plant cells, and is what makes plant stems, leaves, and branches so strong. Cellulose represents the most abundant carbohydrate substance in nature. It is a bio-polymer of glucose units related by β1, 4 glucosidic linkages. Cellulose degradation requires a multienzymatic system composed of three enzymes which are respectively: the endoglucanases, the cellobiohydrolases and finally the β-glucosidases. The chemical industry has come under increasing pressure to make chemical production more eco-friendly and independent to fossil resources. The biocatalysts are the best solution given by nature that can be used to improve some biotechnological applications. The use of this renewable material within the packaging industry has gained increasing interest in the last decades. In this research review, we report some peculiar information’s and useful data describing cellulases as biocatalysts, their modulation, implication in a range of metabolic pathways and biotechnological tools.

Keywords Cellulose, endoglucanase, exoglucanase, beta glucosidase regulation, catalytic site topology, biotechnological application.

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suppliers of energy and basic compounds

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