Chikungunya fever in children: A Descriptive Study

Abstract—In the Indian sub-continent, first isolation of the chikungunya virus was done in Kolkata during 1963. During 2006 reports of large scale outbreaks in several parts of India have confirmed the re-emergence of this virus in the country. Since the incidence of this disease is increasing. So a retrospective analysis of laboratory confirmed chikungunya patients admitted to pediatric ward was done to study biochemical profile of chikungunya fever in children. Total 51 children were laboratory confirmed for chickungunya, 36 of them had isolated chikungunya infection. Male/female ratio of isolated chikungunya was 2.6:1. Fever was invariably present, associated constitutional symptoms consisted of skin rash, vomiting, diarrhea, pain abdomen, cough, corrhyza, myalgia and bleeding manifestations. The most characteristic feature of the infections in infants was skin manifestations in form of symmetrical superficial vesiculobullous lesions & maculopapular erythematous rash. Nine patients (25%) had neurological manifestations. Joint pain was present in only three patients but none had arthritis. Most common hematological abnormality revealed thrombocytopenia in 39% cases. There was mild to moderate elevation of liver enzymes in 13 patients (36%). Average length of hospital stay was 5.1 days. Thirty four patients recovered completely & two left against medical advise. It is concluded from this study that skin manifestations and neurological manifestations are common in younger age group apart from other constitutional symptoms. Arthralgia and chronic polyarthritis is rare in this age group as found in adults.

Keyword: Chikungunya in Children; Viral Fever; Vesiculobullous Lesions.

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Medical Journal: Chikungunya fever in children: A Descriptive Study

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