Clinical Safety and Side Effects of Intra Dermal regimen of Tissue culture Anti-rabies Vaccine

Abstract— Clinical Safety and Side Effects of Intra Dermal regimen of Tissue culture Anti-rabies Vaccine.Rabies is 100% fatal but preventable disease. WHO recommends Tissue culture Anti-rabies Vaccines for post exposure treatment but this prophylaxis becomes expensive. So for reducing the 1/6th cost of this prophylaxis intradermal ARV regime was also recommended. But again there is a question mark for balance between cost effectiveness and safty so this cross sectional study was carried out in year 2013 on 654 recipients of Purified Chick Embriyo Cell Vaccine (PCECV) anti-rabis vaccine (ARV) at Anti Rabies Clinic (ARC) of a tertiary-care teaching hospital (SMS) at Jaipur, Rajasthan. Side effects were observed during the follow up visits on days 3, 7 and 28. Though all the recipients complained of local side effects at site of inoculation but these symptoms were relieved by simple administration of paracetamol and ceterizine orally. The side effects (local symptoms) noted on First dose were local itch (4%), local pain (3.8%), low grade fever (2.1%) and the local signs noted are local induration (22.3%), local erythema (1.2%). Same pattern of sign and symptoms were observed in D3 and D7 dose of injection but in decreased frequency. None of the cases had anaphylaxis or regional lymphadenopathy. Thus, this cost effective way of treating the animal bite cases using PCECV in Intra Dermal Rabies Vaccination (IDRV) is recommended to deal with the burden of animal bite cases for the prevention of Rabies in India.

Keywords— Animal bite, Rabies, ARV, PCECV and Intra Dermal Rabies Vaccination.

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Tissue culture Anti-rabies Vaccine

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