A Descriptive Study of Differentially Placed Hydatid cysts

AbstractIn Italy the hydatid disease is more prevalent and new cases are highlighted more frequently in Sicily, Sardinia, (Italy). Aim of this study is to put the indication in search of iaditea nature in both spleen swelling and muscle tendon.

Material and Method Patients observed during the period 2007-2009 at the Surgical Clinic III and Digestive Surgery, Policlinico G Rodolico were explored for Hydatid cyste at various sites. Diagnosis of cysts ecchinococcus occurred primarily for various four reasons either for compression of bodies involved or for eosinophilia or for instrumental investigation or for anaphylactic reaction to rupture of cysts. Biological diagnosis is based on serology rather than isolation of the parasite (indirect diagnosis);

Results Patients attended during the period 2007-2009 Hydatid cyst was found in 0.5% of all cases  in liver along with 4 in the lung, 3 in splenic, 2 in the mammary and 2 in the chest wall No 2. The Surgical treatment with the complete removal of the cyst with a satisfactory postoperative course in the absence of cases of relapse of the disease and by following the therapeutic act, the assumption of mebendazole 50mg / kg / day for 3 weeks at a dose of 400mg for 4 months

Conclusions There is a need to define diagnostic methods with high specificity and sensitivity, which can provide a valid diagnostic aid for the cases clinically difficult to diagnose. And the final diagnosis must then also be based on the development of immunological methods that allow the determination of specific antibodies in the serum and their titration and / or the circulating antigen determination.

Key words:  Cyst Excision Monoclonal Antibodies

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