Design and Architecture of Intelligent Medical Machines: A Research Paper

Abstract— Commonalities between the engineering rigor and the medical approach were explored to solve problems and present generic platforms to fuse the engineering rigor into the current medical approach to resolve the concerns of medical machine designers. The design methodology stresses the ability to fragment medical problems and their procedures into a series or a combination of minor or even microscopic problems (and their procedures) which are resolved by enforcing one or more actions by intelligent agents (or noun objects) to solve the localized problem. A certain amount of knowledge in the solution process is fed back to customize the specific solution for the specific patient.  A series of minuscule of such knowledge modules are appropriately integrated to solve the entire medical problem for the patient. This minuscule’s of knowledge become programmable instruction for a medical machine with access to World Wide Web and knowledge bases that can verify and enhance the solution strategy for the fragmented problems.

The role of knowledge and its programmability become crucial to finding an optimal and efficient solution to solve routine, mid-sized or large medical problems of the patients during routine doctor’s visits.  It is our contention that the suggested approaches in blending the industry wide practices in the design and manufacture of digital devices and systems can reduce the cost of providing medical services substantially. With reasonable care in selecting the intelligent agents (doctors, staff, instruments, laboratories, and/or medicines), their respective actions and functions in efficient and effective combinations at appropriate instants of time can be a significant step forward in cost reduction and (near) flawless administration of medical procedures.

The paper spans numerous disciplines ranging from mathematics, computer and knowledge science, the science of management including program evaluation and review technique (PERT) and optimization of strategies. The role of these disciplines is incisive and restricted the practice of medicine and the many roles that computer systems that are essential building blocks of medical machines.

Keywords: Medical Machines, Evolution of Medical Processor Units, Intelligent Medical Processor Units.

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Medical Journal: Design and Architecture of Intelligent Medical Machines: A Research Paper

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