Development of Food Security through Integrated Bio-Cycles Farming System in Manokwari, Papua, Indonesia

Abstract Indonesia’s Law No. 18/2012 defines food security as the condition in which all people, in all households, at all times have sufficient food in both quantity and quality to enable them to live healthy, active, productive and sustainable lives, and that the food is safe, diverse, nutritious, equitably distributed and affordable, and does not conflict with religion, beliefs or culture. According to the Food Security and Vulnerability Atlas, Manokwari District in Province of West Papua was categorized as priority 2, strongly priority for improvement. The aim of this program was developing integrated bio-cycles farming system to improve their level of food security. The program was focused in Mansuburi and Wariori village, Masni Sub-district, Manokwari District, West Papua, Indonesia, from August 2015 for multi-years activities. Program was developed in cooperation between Kemendes PDTT (Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Areas and Transmigration); UGM Yogyakarta and local goverment of Manokwari District.

The availability of food especially the production of rice, maize, cassava in Manokwari were relatively less developed. Based on the indicators of Normative Consumption per Capita Ratio (NCPR), the ratio of consumption to production in Manokwari was relatively high deficits (> 1.50) due to the limited rice area. Percentage of villages with no access to land and natural fresh water is quite low (<10%)., because of large area and high presipitation in Papua. The poverty was high (25-35%) causes a low access to food. About 30-40% of households have no access to clean water directly. Land conversion from forest area to Sawit estate area around Wariori river caused annual flooding that destroyed 60 ha of agricultural land during rain season since 2014, but the dried effect of El Nino phenomen in 2015 was strongly affecting agricultural production and food security.

Development of master plan for food security 2015-2019 through (i) capacity building of human resources, (ii) natural resource management (iii) business management, would give smart and futuristic perpective program for food security. Facilitating menu 1 (improved seed and fertilizer), menu 2 (infrastructure of check dam, technical irrigation), menu 3 (hand-tractor, handsrayer, cultivator, transplator, composting unit), and menu 4 (rice milling unit, power threser, post-harvest machines) would be very usefull  for food security, although delayed in execution. Technical assistance by expert from UGM Yogyakarta improved technical capability in managing natural resource for improvement of food security. The role of 2 assistants that were staying in the village was very important for community empowerment to support food security.

Keywords: community empowerment, Top of Form, food security, integrated farming, master plan, world food program.

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