Digital Image Watermark Protection and Self-Recovery using Discrete Wavelet Transformand SPIHT Coding

Abstract Embedding a watermark in the original image has been widely used to avoid tampering or damaging in the area of image forensics. This paper explains about detecting the damaged/tampered area of the received image and a technique to recover the lost information in the tampered areas. Since the Most Significant Bits/ Reference bits contains the entire information about the image, the Least Significant Bits/check bits are used to find the tampered zones. But if the reference bits are lost, the whole image gets corrupted or erased. So an appropriate channel code is used to protect the reference bits. In the proposed method, RS (REED-SOLOMON) channel coding is used. While doing so, parity bits are added to the reference bits. Also by knowing the tampered location, erasure error can be found from an image tampering model. Recovering an image includes the detection of erasure locations with the help of redundancy bits at the decoder side. Our proposed method is simple to implement and better performance is achieved in the retrieval of tampered image at the time of recovery.

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