Dimensioning of a natural ponds as wastewater treatment plant for the city of Ouazzane

AbstractMorocco has a mobilizable water heritage of 21 billion m3 including 16 billion m3 of surface water and 5 billion m3 of groundwater. Unfortunately due to the exponential population growth and economic and social development, these water resources cannot meet the growing demand of the agriculture, industry and drinking water sectors.

In addition, more than 546 million m3 of raw wastewater is discharged annually into the receiving environment and only a tiny proportion is reused in the irrigation of about 7000 ha. Most of the wastewater discharged is responsible for the pollution of the environment.

To seek new water resources while curbing pollution, Morocco has undertaken a gigantic project of treatment of its wastewater. The city of Ouazzane, like other urban agglomerations, must choose an adequate system for the purification of its wastewater discharges.

The present work proposes the design and sizing of a natural lagoon WWTP based on demographic data, pollutant load, wastewater flow and availability of land for the city of Ouazzane.

The project proposes a pretreatment using a vertical manual screens of 36 bars of 10 mm diameter and spaced 12 mm and a Grit/Grease Separator of 5.6×1.8 m in size. Primary treatment with a circular primary decanter 16 m in diameter, 3 m deep and 602.88 m in volume. Four anaerobic basins 4 m deep, 8204 m3 in volume and 58.02 x 35.35 m in size. Also four Optional ponds 2m deep, 41008m3 deep and 107 x 192m in size. Finally, four maturation ponds of 1 m deep and 6400 m3 of volume each.

Keywords Wastewaters, Epuration, Lagoons, Ouazzane, Morocco.

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Engineering Journal: Dimensioning of a natural ponds as wastewater treatment plant for the city of Ouazzane

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