Effect of Mifepristone on Uterine Fibroid with special reference to Symptoms and its Size

Abstract: Uterine Fibroids are most common growth of female reproductive tract in premenopausal women. Non surgical treatment options for this have limitations. So this Prospective interventional study was conducted to evaluate the effect of low dose Mifepristone treatment for 3 months on fibroid size and related symptom.

Patients:  Twenty five patients with symptomatic fibroid, aged 20-50 years.

Intervention:  Patients received 10mg Mifepristone daily for 3 months

Method: Baseline data regarding fibroid volume, Hb value, PBAC (Pictorial Blood Assessment Chart) & VAS (Visual analogue Scheme) score were recorded and these data regarding above parametres again collected at the end of 1st month & 3rd months of therapy.

Results:   Mifepristone treatment significantly reduced fibroid mean volume from 91.13cm3 at enrollment to 38.73cm3 after 3months of treatment. Mean PBAC score was reduced for 111.52 at enrollment to 2.36 at the end of 3rd month of therapy. At 3 months 22 of 25 case (88%) developed amenorrhoea. At the end of therapy hemoglobin mean value was raised by 2.38 gm/dL from the baseline mean value of 8.70mg./dL.  There were no major side effects during the course of the study and treatment was well tolerated.

Conclusion: Low dose Mifepristone (10mg) reduces fibroid size and related symptoms with no side effects among women with symptomatic fibroids.

Key Words: Mifepristone, Leiomyoma, Fibroid Volum, Menorragia and Amenorrhoea

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