Effect of Root Heal Therapy (RHT) on Asthma: A Quincy Experiment

Abstract—Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways that affects people of all ages. It may manifest as severe attacks, which can require urgent health care. It causes limitations in daily activities, loss of school and work days, lung function impairment, reduced quality of life, and an adverse socioeconomic burden. There is no cure of asthma, once it is diagnosed it can be managed by a good treatment plan, so that patient can live a better quality of life with the disease. This present study was planned to compare the effect of traditional treatment alone and in combination with Root Heal Therapy on asthma cases. A Quincy experiment was conducted on 60 patients of Asthma, who were taking treatment from a physician working in Jaipuriya Hospital, Jaipur. Out of these 60 asthama patients who were receiving traditional treatment, 30 patients were given this RHT along with traditional treatment. Baseline status of asthma and Asthma Quality of life Questionnaire (AQLQ) was assessed. These cases were followed for 18 months, again they were assessed as per AQLQ. Changes in status of asthma in both the group over this period were compared with Chi-square test and Unpaired ‘t’ test. It was found that significantly more cases were benefited with this RHT in the form of number of spells of asthma, duration of illness due to asthma, mean days of activity loss and proportion of cases needed hospitalization during last one year. Pulmonary Function test were also better in experimental group than control group. Although mean number of eosinofills decrease was also found higher in experimental group but it was not found significant. It is concluded that Quality of life of these asthma cases were significantly improved on physical, emotional, social and occupational domains of life in cases with RHT than the cases only on traditional treatment.

Keywords Asthma, Root Heal Therapy (RHT), Pulmonary function tests, Asthma Quality of life Questionnaire (AQLQ).

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Medical Journal: Effect of Root Heal Therapy (RHT) on Asthma: A Quincy Experiment

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