Enhancing the Quality of Components Washing Machine by Eliminating Heater Failure

Abstract— In automobile industries, manufacturing of engine parts undergoes various processes like Milling, Drilling, etc. Because of these processes aluminium burrs are generated on the component. Thus, washing of a component is important to ensure quality of the product before assembling in engine. Washing is done initially with the hot chemical solution in washing chamber and then hot air is blown to remove the coolant mist, aluminium burrs, dust, dirt, oil, etc and to dry the component. If the desired solution level is not maintained and the temperature of the solution exceeds the safe limit in the cleaning tank, the heater may get failed due to inherent internal heat radiation, and desired temperature cannot be achieved and components quality will also be affected. Hence this project aims at enhancing the quality of washing machine by providing an interlock mechanism for heater failure with the use of level sensor and temperature sensor. This interlock is done in MITSUBISHI PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) using GX-Works-2 software for programming.

Keywords heater failure, level sensor, temperature sensor, interlock, MITSUBISHI PLC.

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