Enzymatic Depolymerisation of Hemicellulose into Arabinose and Xylose by Aerobic Bacteria

Abstract The cellulotic and hemicellutotic materials found in plant can be utilized for generating bio-fuel by breaking them into simple sugar form. The depolymerisation of hemicellulose has been investigated, since it is second highest sugar component after cellulose. Hemicellulolytic microorganisms were obtained by enrichment of samples taken from aerated composting piles essentially composed of lignocellulosic plant wastes. The isolated Microorganism demonstrated the appreciable hemicellulolytic activity in depolymerising hemicellulose into simple pento sugars under the favorable conditions. The extent of endoxylanase (107.76 IU/ml) and sugar (2088.81 µg/ml) were found to be produced in the present investigation.

Keywords Beech wood, Hemicellulose, Enzymatic Hydrolysis, Pentose, Endoxylanse, Endoglucanase.

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