Genetic Diversity and Structure Analysis of Masson Pine Clonal Seed Orchard

Abstract An experiment stand of clonal orchard of masson pine, which included the 123 plus trees of 8 provenances collected from 8 provinces of Southern China, was founded at Jingshan County of Hubei province. Randomly amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) technique was applied to assess genetic diversity and structure for this clonal seed orchard. Total genomic DNA was extracted from fresh needle tissue with Plant Genomic DNA Extraction Miniprep System made by Viotechnology Corporation The results indicated that the clonal seed orchard of masson pine had higher genetic diversity. The average genetic diversity of the clonal seed orchard was 0.3169, the Shannon’s information index was 0.4813 respectively, and the percentage of polymorphic loci was 71.0%. Observed number of alleles (Na), effective number of alleles (Ne), Nei’s gene diversity (H), Shannon’s information index (I) and percentage of polymorphic loci (P) within population of Jiangxi, Hunan and Zhejiang were bigger than those of Guangdong, Guangxi, Anhui and Sichuan. Genetic distances among 8 populations were range from 0.0225 to 0.2175, whereas genetic identities were range from 0.8045 to 0.9777. 8 populations were clustered into 7 clusters, which showed that populations with similar latitude were clustered together and the clustering had nothing to do with geographic distributing. There was not significant correlation between genetic distance and geographic distance, while the correlation between genetic distance and latitude was more significant.

Keywords Genetic diversity, Genetic distance, Shannon’s information index, Masson Pine, Clonal Seed Orchard.

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