Impact of Pesticides on Farmer’s Health of Western Odisha

Abstract Agriculture is the basic need of human being to survive. Increase in human population, increases the food production. Largest areas are under rice cultivation. Rice plants were prone to attack by insect and pest. So, for its survival use of pesticide is necessary, but this had lead risk behaviour among rice farmers. The study was based on the farmers of Bargarh and Sundargarh District of Odisha regarding pesticide usage condition .100 farmers were interviewed from both the district, using questionnaire methods from February to April 2015. A questionnaire survey on personal history regarding agricultural labour, pesticide use and health history was conducted. Descriptive statistics was used for analysis of quantitative data. The most frequently used pesticides included organophosphates, carbamates. 2-3 times pesticide was applied after 15 days, after 1 month and also before the production time. Demographic data shows 87 respondents were male farmers rests were female farmers out of 100 respondents. Only 85 respondents were using sprayer for spraying pesticides out of 100 but 36 respondents were only using protective covers. 12 farmers only follow the instruction given on the pesticide container. 33 respondents have the knowledge of colour coding present in the pesticide bottle. Health symptom showed less frequently, in farmers using protective covers. Out of 100 respondents 58 had skin contact, 12 respondents suffer from eye irritation, and 28 respondents feel drowsiness after strong smell of pesticides while 31 farmers suffer from headache. Major factors of pesticide poisoning are due to lack of attention to safety precautions and lack of training before using of pesticide. So, training programme is necessary to improve safer pesticide behaviours, create more awareness among the farmers and also introduction of using bio pesticide instead of using pesticide.

Keywords Farmer, Health Impact of Pesticides, Pesticide Exposure.

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Agriculture Journal: Impact of Pesticides on Farmer's Health of Western Odisha

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