Implementation of Power Efficiency and Error Control Coding in Optical Wireless Systems forVignetting Correction

Abstract Currently, the demand for high speed wireless multimedia services has grown to a great level. Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) Optical Wireless Communication (OWC) can be an excellent supplemental technology to Radio Frequency (RF) links to achieve high transmission rates. One form of MIMO OWC is a pixelated imaging system which transmits information via a series of pixelated image frames. A gradual fall-off in illumination at the edges of a received image will occur due to the Vignetting effect. The Vignetting effect causes attenuation, Inter-Carrier-Interference (ICI) and increased power consumption in the spatial frequency domain. The system performance can be improved by applying a Vignetting Estimation and Equalization scheme. Also an efficient algorithm for reducing the power ratio is implemented. Error Control codes (ECC) is applied for eliminating transmission bit errors. The proposed method shows improvement in the system BER performance.

Keywords Optical Wireless Communication, MIMO, OFDM, Spatial OFDM, Vignetting, BER, ICI, Attenuation.

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