Improving Energy Efficiency and Lifetime using DCD And VFA in MWSN

Abstract Mobile Sensor Network is the collection of independent and scattered sensors with capacity of mobility. Mobile Sensor Network can simply be defined as Wireless Sensor Network in which sensor nodes are mobile. In recent years, Mobility of Sensor has been utilized to improve the target coverage quality and network connectivity in randomly deployed mobile sensor networks. Target coverage and Network connectivity are two main challenging issues of mobile sensor networks. Target coverage aims to cover specified points of interest in the deployment region of a WSN. Network connectivity is necessary for the sensors in WSN to collect data and report data to the sink node. Mobile Sensor Deployment (MSD) problem in Distributed manner is one of the main challenges in WSN. The MSD problems offend decomposed into two sub- problems: the Target Coverage (TCOV) problem and Network Connectivity (NCON) problem. So Distributed Center deployment (DCD) Algorithm and Virtual force Algorithm (VFA) has been proposed for MWSN. Distributed Center Deployment (DCN) algorithm to solve MSD problem in distributed manner in order to minimize the energy consumption and to increase network lifetime .Virtual Force Algorithm (VFA) are proposed to minimize the total movement distance of the sensor and to achieve maximum sensor field coverage.

Keywords— Mobile sensor network, Target coverage, Network connectivity, Mobility, Virtual force.

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